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Vertical Alignment of Conceptual Understanding

Here’s what I used to think about vertical alignment (in a nutshell):

You look at the overarching ideas and understandings plus the discrete facts and skills of each course and make sure there are no significant… 449 more words

Stage 3: Concept Based Curriculum And Instruction

Wise as Serpents

Sometimes the meaning of Jesus’ words, and their application, seem entirely obvious once you read them.

Sometimes He confounded His audiences both then and now.  He did not always seek to give answers.   831 more words

Book Reviews

Explore Your Possible Careers

   by  Express Monorail 

In this article, I will outline how to explore your possible careers. This is important because you need to know which career you are planning to pursue in order to pick a college major. 875 more words


Oligarchies, Expansion, and a "Time of Troubles"

I posted this originally back in 2012.  While I could have added some new thoughts to the post I wrote directly on Eric Voegelin’s Science Politics, and Gnosticism  1,252 more words

Sticks In The Mud


Summer is almost over meaning I won’t be able to go swimming daily anymore. I’m working on a work out plan for the school year. I decided to use FitnessBlender’s HIIT videos for my excise. 48 more words



This is a picture I drew using drawing tablet. It took 40 minutes and I just simply call it “flowers and bones”.



These arts were drawn using ink and paper. Ink and paper is a delicate media because, like watercolor, it’s very hard to fix whatever mistake you make. 9 more words