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October Test

Hey guys!! Like promised in class, this is what you need to know for our monthly test:


  • Velocity
  • Average velocity
  • Instantaneous velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Average acceleration…
  • 41 more words
12th Grade

The British government has announced the student support arrangements for EU students studying in the UK

The Brexit left a lot of uncertainty in higher education for EU students and their tuition fees. On October 11, 2016, the British government announced their student funding support plan for EU passport holders.  65 more words

12th Grade

Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

Speed, velocity, and acceleration might be understood as synonyms to regular non-scientific mortals, but to us its much more than that!!!

Follow the two links found below and allow Mr. 20 more words

12th Grade



In this stage you will be required to choose a topic and write the first part of your report, which will include your topic and background information. 51 more words

9th Grade

12th Grade: Aristotle and the Modern Political Landscape


This week we examined the philosophy of Aristotle, specifically his theory of truth and how it related to his ideas about government.


Aristotle saw the created order not as a negative (like Plato), but as a friend or guide to truth.   1,233 more words

Weekend Updates

'Tis the Season

It’s mid October and it is application season! We just passed the October 15th Oxbridge deadline and we are approaching UC and CSU application madness. Do you know what your next deadline is?

12th Grade


A science fair project is a unique way for you to pose questions for which you must seek out answers and to satisfy your own curiosity about the world around you. 247 more words

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