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Know Before You Judge: BSGE's College Acceptance Board

Each year the very same process occurs beginning in January and ending in late June when passerby hover around the blue bulletin board that inhabits the lobby. 735 more words


Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

There are so many stories (Beauty and the Beast; She’s Out of Your League; The Hunchback of Notre Dame; Cinderella; The Princess and the Frog) based on the theme of beauty versus character. 135 more words

12th Grade

A Short Story? Or should I Keep Going?

Spirit Brothers

The hillside sloped down at a thirty degree angle with trees and bushes spotting its’ décor. I headed down the slope. Then, spotting smoke rising to mix with the wind, I changed my original direction and headed toward the smoke. 1,806 more words

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English 4: Unit 5 Vocab Review

Our Unit 5 Vocabulary Quiz is this Tuesday, March 24. It’s a multiple choice quiz that will require you to answer 20 questions. For the last few weeks, we’ve been grappling with the meaning and usage of these words, which should put you in a good position to succeed on this quiz. 170 more words

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English 4: Everything You Need for LeDuff/Gladwell Essay (Due: March 23)

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for you to put everything you’ve learned about writing academic essays into practice with this full essay assignment, due Monday, March 23. 299 more words

Mr. Kratz

3rd Quarter Extra Credit for ALL CLASSES

Due Date: Friday, March 27th
Topic: Mormonism
Possible Points: 5% of quarterly grade

Part 1:
Watch the following testimony:

In 2-3 paragraphs, summarize this testimony.  Specifically, what was the false gospel that this man used to embrace?  38 more words

10th Grade

Cold Shower

“You never challenge yourself.”

I said it to my girlfriend, but it wasn’t directed at her. Not really. It was directed at everyone.

It was 12th grade, and one of the things the senior class did every year at that school was to spend several days at a camp ground. 502 more words