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Social Media

Social media is a window for billions of people to gaze towards the activities all around them. Its better to say ‘world at your fingertips ‘. 174 more words


Congrats LCS Seniors!

LCS faculty & staff would like to congratulate the Class of 2018 on their college acceptances:

Elizabeth Adekoya

Univ. of Maryland-College Park/ Howard University/ Hampton University/ Morgan State Univ. 93 more words

Unit 19 | Oscillations

Learning Objectives:

  • give examples of free and forced oscillations
  • use appropriate terminology to describe oscillations
  • use the equation a = − 2x to define simple harmonic motion (s.h.m.)
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"The Sword and the Olive"

The modern history of Israel poses many questions, their 65 years lived at breakneck speed have given us many lessons.  But the questions about their state, the Palestinians, their neighbors, and so on are enormously complex.   1,151 more words

Book Reviews

12th Grade: Israel, Palestine, and Solutions Beyond Governments


This week and last we looked at Israeli democracy, and tried to understand the dilemma they face regarding Palestinian statehood.  I hope we gained sympathy for both sides of this question.   1,358 more words

Weekend Updates

Senior Prom 2018

Not sure how time flew so fast but it did and our Morgan just had his Senior Prom. I was honored to be able to take prom pictures of him and his wonderful friends. 176 more words

Thermodynamics: First and Second laws

Follow the links provided for Khan Academy and Bozeman Science  videos on the first and second laws of thermodynamics. After watching set videos, write a scenario/word problem for each. 22 more words

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