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Renaissance and Reformation, Act 2 (?)

Like many I awoke Wednesday, November 9 to a big surprise.  Like many I wonder in what sense business as usual (more or less) will be the order of the day as Trump begins to actually govern, or whether or not we will see a significant pivot in our national life.   2,074 more words

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Democratic Personalities and Democratic Laws

I posted originally some months ago, and repost it now in conjunction with our senior Government class and, obviously, the recent election.

The original post is below . 1,017 more words

Sticks In The Mud

English 4: Q2 Materials, Resources, Assignments, Deadlines and More

Welcome to Q2, young writers! This quarter we’ll be focused on sharpening our skills in crafting different elements of a strong expository essay, starting at the beginning with writing quality introductory paragraphs that include a well-developed, clear and debatable thesis. 536 more words

English 4

Democracies and their Aristocracies

This post has had a few different lives (originally written during the party primaries) . . .

Our most recent election raises many questions for many people.   1,232 more words

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12th Grade: The Athenian Assembly


This week we looked at some debates in the Athenian Assembly, and discussed the merits of their democratic processes.

Athenian democracy certainly had some similarities to our own system, but most initial observers would I think be struck by the differences.   5,051 more words

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Parent Volunteers Needed 12/14

Hello wonderful parents and family of our talented SOA Dancers!  Several times during the year, we parents are needed to help the Dance teachers at special events – and two opportunities to volunteer are here! 41 more words