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A Great American Speech-Lou Gehrig's Farewell: July 4, 1939

Baseball is America’s sport, but I do not have a baseball “favorite team”.
My favorite team is whoever is playing the New York Yankees.
I hope that team wins…and wins big. 746 more words


EE Update: July 3

Since I’m not going anywhere for the long weekend, I’m (hopefully) going to get some serious work done on my senior paper.

Today, I spent about 2 hours searching through the Gale databases to find more useful sources. 223 more words


Senior Paper Summer - Day 1

Today I had my first senior paper work session of the summer. It was fairly short, as I used it as an organizational tool to plan the rest of my summer. 251 more words


CAS over the summer

I know, it’s summer, and none of us really want to be thinking about IHS, much less seminar. However, summer is actually one of the best times to chip away at CAS!!! 376 more words


Senior paper over the Summer

At the end of the school year, our seminar teachers told us to keep working on our senior papers over the summer, to be better prepared for senior year. 234 more words


Pomp and Circumstance

After a few months of getting used to a new school and teaching 1,000 kids, it was time to celebrate with the grade 9 and 12 graduation ceremonies. 393 more words


BSGE 2015 Graduates' College Destinations

Laura Agosto will attend Baruch College.

Alyssa Alvarado will attend Hunter College.

Nicholas Anastasio will attend University at Buffalo.

Mariana Arias will attend Queens College. 907 more words

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