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12th Grade: Bad Music Begets Bad Government

This week we continued in our reading of Plato’s Republic.  In class we have simply been reading and discussing excerpts from this great philosophical treatise, and I have enjoyed seeing them to react to Plato and responding to him. 1,508 more words

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Oligarchies, Expansion, and a "Time of Troubles"

I posted this originally back in 2012.  While I could have added some new thoughts to the post I wrote directly on Eric Voegelin’s Science Politics, and Gnosticism  1,252 more words

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12th Grade: An Ideal Republic


We started off the year by reading some excerpts from St. Augustine’s City of God to examine how we are defined by our loves.  This “definition” holds true for civilizations, states, and individuals. 622 more words

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A to Z Guide to Studying: Study Tip 20

Time Management

In order to be a great student you must know how to manage your time. Time is the most valuable possession that we all have and is the most important aspect of studying. 518 more words

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Why They Remember Witnessing 9/11

15 years ago the World Trade Center Twin Towers in NYC were struck by terrorists. When they collapsed, many students at Brookfield High School in Connecticut watched them fall -75 miles away-on television screens set up along the walls of the school’s library media center. 548 more words


12th Grade: The Peace Democracies Pursue

Greetings to all,

Welcome!  I hope the year will be a blessed one for you and your family.  Senior year can be at turns stressful and special all at once.   905 more words

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September Quiz!!

Heads up!!

Our first vocabulary quiz will be on Monday Sept. 18th. Come prepared !! :)

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