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Burritos for BSGE!

This Sunday, November 22nd, Senior Council is holding a fundraiser at Chipotle on Austin Street in Forest Hills. If you grab a burrito, bowl, or any other Chipotle deliciousness between 2pm and 6pm and bring this flyer either as a printout or on your smartphone, 50% of the proceeds will go to Senior Council. 7 more words


12th Grade: Aristotle and the Modern Political Landscape


This week we examined the philosophy of Aristotle, specifically his theory of truth and how it related to his ideas about government.


Aristotle saw the created order not as a negative (like Plato), but as a friend or guide to truth.   1,233 more words

Weekend Updates

BSGE Receives Its First 7 in IB Art!

Smith College is filled with many bright young women pursuing art, but BSGE alum Adela Goldsmith ’15 can proudly say that she is one of the few who have earned a 7 in IB Higher Level Visual Arts – and not just any 7. 514 more words

12th Grade

12th Grade: Only in a Democracy

This week we continued the Peloponnesian War by looking at the Peace of Nicias, and why it failed.

Like most things, not all peace treaties are created equal.   648 more words

Weekend Updates

12th Grade: Democracies and their Allies

This week we continued our look at the Peloponnesian War and especially at Athens’ crucial decision regarding their ally Platea.

Platea had been a long time ally of Athens, and a strategically important one because of its geographical location near Thebes, a Spartan ally.   910 more words

Weekend Updates

BSGE Class of 2015 Receives Record Number of IB Diplomas with 49

BSGE’s class of 2015 received a school record 49 IB diplomas, smashing the previous record set by the class of 2014 who received 40. In addition, they set a record with 77% of those graduating receiving the diploma also breaking the previous year’s record of 69%. 841 more words

12th Grade