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English 4: "The Power of Context" Schedule and "The Central Park Five" Notes

This week, we’re wrapping up our initial work with Malcolm Gladwell’s influential non-fiction piece, “The Power of Context”, which was taken from his book, “The Tipping Point.” We’ll finish watching “The Central Park Five” documentary on Monday and use it to further or understanding of “The Power of Context” and the Broken Windows Theory, especially as it applies to the charged environment that defined New York City in the 1980s. 286 more words

Mr. Kratz

12th Grade: Wag the Dog


Last week we looked at Athens’ disaster in Sicily and the subsequent and extensive fallout.

Why did Athens lose in Sicily?

Part of Thucydides’ brilliance lies in that he does not merely look at battles and personalities, but finds ways to link events to a grand narrative.   857 more words

Weekend Updates

Carver's "Popular Mechanics" in the AP Lit Classroom

In a well organized essay, explain how the author conveys his meaning. Be sure to consider structure, diction, setting, and point of view.

Above is the prompt I used when I taught Advanced Placement English Literature (APLit) for all kinds of literature. 734 more words