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H.W. Acceleration

Show your work

  1. What is the acceleration of a car that travels south and speeds up from 20m/s to 65 m/s in 30s?

2. If car A goes from 10 to 85 meters in an hour and car B goes from 5 to 25 meters in 20 mins. 66 more words

12th Grade

October Test Review

Study the following concepts for this month’s test:

  • Speed
  • Vectors
  • Displacement
  • Distance
  • Frame of reference
  • Velocity
  • Instantaneous velocity
  • Average velocity
  • Constant velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Constant acceleration…
  • 6 more words
12th Grade

Enlightenment Liberty and its Children

The website Aeon recently posted a solid article from historian Josiah Ober.  In the article Ober makes the point that democracy and liberal government — that is, rule of law, free speech, protection of minority rights, etc. 1,124 more words

Sticks In The Mud

12th Grade: Aristotle and the Modern Political Landscape


This week we examined the philosophy of Aristotle, specifically his theory of truth and how it related to his ideas about government.


Aristotle saw the created order not as a negative (like Plato), but as a friend or guide to truth.   1,233 more words

Weekend Updates

October Project

Using the following concepts each group will create an images only presentation. Each image will be utilized to explain each concept and answer questions in class. 31 more words

12th Grade

October LOG: The Science of Speed

For this month’s LOG you will illustrate for the class the science behind the speed in car races. Use the following link for research:  https://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/sos/ 10 more words

12th Grade

Velocity vs Time Graphs: H.W.

Make a graph for the following and calculate the slope for each graphed trajectory.

  1. A car goes from rest to 25 m in 10 s.
  2. 61 more words
12th Grade