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Are We There Yet?

We made it to the middle of week 11. Boredom and brain fatigue are starting to creep in. My training runs are not as fun as they were a few weeks ago. 436 more words


Welcome to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my first post. Enjoy!

I wanted to start this blog to document my journey. 309 more words


#RunBullCity - Bull City Race Fest Discount Code

Just wanted to take a moment and spread some hype about a great local race.  The Bull City Race Fest is taking place this year on October 18th, in downtown Durham, NC.   100 more words


Running through priorities

A friend from a class reunion and I met up at a local eatery the night after the big gathering. This was to be the official download on who we’d met and what was going on in people’s lives. 533 more words

We Run And Ride Every Day

"The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win." - Sir Roger Bannister

I did Yoga in America the Beautiful Park today, alone.

Some people may not think twice about doing a downward dog/warrior pose, alone, in public. I live with anxiety, so doing yoga in the park, on wide open grass, bright deep blue sky, wide dark green grass,  no trees to hide behind, totally exposed, is a big deal for me. 687 more words

The long run.....

Sundays are my long run days, so this morning I ventured out on my scheduled long run. I was feeling quite nervous today as I was planning my furthest distance to date… I was also planning to use energy gels for the first time and wasn’t sure how this would sit on my tummy, another reason for some pre race nerves. 742 more words


"Most men take the straight and narrow. A few take the road less traveled. I chose to cut through the woods." - Unknown

Today I raised the level of cross-training up a notch. I am happily exhausted.

Instead of my normal route, that is all cement,some dirt and pleasantly flat, I decided instead to go up. 662 more words