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Heroes, villains and a little-known assassination attempt on Hitler

As the seemingly interminable sequence of adverts began, I was aware of being almost alone in the cinema. Apart from myself and a friend, there were only three or four others settling into their plush theatre seats. 501 more words

'13 Minutes'

13 Minutes is the telling of the true story of the attempt by Georg Elser to assassinate Hitler in Munich in November 1939. Imprisonment and the time leading up to the attempt is the focus. 42 more words


Review: 13 Minutes

Words By: Jack Dawson

In a lot of ways 13 Minutes has very little opportunity to surprise its audience. This story about a man named Georg Elser who missed out on killing Hitler by 13 Minutes is a real life story, which means he obviously didn’t succeed, he obviously suffers a great deal of pain and unpleasantness throughout the film, and Elser is obviously in the right for doing what he did. 818 more words


Cinema Review - 13 Minutes

Georg Elser (Christian Friedel) is a man who could have changed the world; on November 8th 1939, Elser rigged a bomb in Munich which, had it gone off 13 minutes earlier, would almost certainly have killed Adolf Hitler. 541 more words


13 Minutes

On November 8 1939, an attempt on Hitler’s life was made by Georg Elser, an ordinary man from the outskirts of Germany who was intent on changing the course of history forever. 180 more words


13 Minutes

13 Minutes

Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel

Germany, 2015

HOME, 19 July 2015

The story of Georg Elser, a man who, in 1939, attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler. 200 more words

Film Review

Movie review: 13 Minutes. A clockmaker's brief moment in time that could have changed history

13 Minutes   ★   dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel

Cinema’s fascination with all things Der Fuehrer continues with this compelling true story about a lone assassination attempt on Hitler. 347 more words

Movie Review