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Colours, words and shapes how hard can it be...?

I don’t normally watch TV during the week however I made an exception a few days ago when I returned home from work and turned on the TV briefly and the One shop on the TV license revenue stealing black hole which is the BBC. 594 more words


13 year old dad

THIS BLOG HAS MOVED TO www.bluntdelivery.com

HOLD. THE. PHONE. I usually don’t report news, but I have no choice but to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you quite possibly the most disturbing, yet hilarious news you’ve heard all year.  188 more words


"The Juice" You Need to Start the Week Off Right

Confused when the latte kid in your coffee shop references the Rihanna/Chris Brown drama?  In the dark when your history professor starts chatting about ‘ 471 more words

The Juice

The ballade of Dodgelet and Chavzilla

Has anyone else been following this crazy story with the 13 year-old dad? I am completely amazed. First we hear that this 4ft tall 13 year old (who will now be known as Dodgelet), who looks about 7 (am I the only one who is seriously wondering about the logistics of this whole thing) had knocked up his 15 year old girlfriend (who we will refer to as Chavzilla from now on). 340 more words


Alfie, the 13 y/o dad ... 02.14.09

It happened the first time!  So said Alfie who has just turned 13 y/o. It happened at 12. What happened? Glad you asked. I was here waiting for you to do so. 672 more words


13 Year Old Dad

At 13 swear down I thought girls smelled, not sure of what but they smelled and it wasn’t nice. The thought of actually going anywhere a girl was enough to make me run a mile, let alone knock one up. 112 more words

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