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Sidelong glance

Slowly getting there, a spare hour means I can get pretty much all of the 1/32 stencilling on one of the sides

Again, some pure guesswork on some of the placements because of the poor quality of the call outs

Model Making

ICM 1/32 Polikarpov I-16 type 24 in-box look

I have a penchant for small biplane and monoplane fighters developed during the interwar years; especially those used in the Spanish Civil War, the Soviet-Japanese Border War, Sino-Japanese War and the Winter War against Finland. 729 more words



Now we move to the undersides

lots and lots here, to be honest the placement details and callouts are somewhat sketchy  across all the sheets so a lot of the positioning is best guess

Model Making

Slow going

Time to get on with the decals on the main builds

Looks like this will take a few days. After a long session on the 1/32 I only have the top stencilling done, largely due to the sheer volume of single “no step” markings.

Model Making

Pilpalan Lättähattu 1.10.17

Missä? Rautakoskentie 2079, Loppi
Mitä? Vanhaan junanvaunuun tehty mukava kahvila (auki vielä muutaman viikonlopun)

Ajettu reitti? E12-25-132-134-2832-134-132-E12
Ajokokemus? Ihan ok pätkä, muttei sen kummempi. Maalaismaisemaa pitkälti. 26 more words