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FL2k 2018

FL2K is one of those events you look forward to all year. They have one of the best car shows ive been to, along with bad ass cars running on the drag strip all weekend. 271 more words


Carry On Cowboy

WFTB Score: 13/20

The plot: Johnny Fingers, aka The Rumpo Kid, rides into the peaceful town of Stodge City and turns it into a lawless den of drinking and lewd dancing. 458 more words

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The Man Who Knew Too Little

WFTB Score: 13/20

The plot: Aptly-named Blockbuster employee ‘Wally’ Ritchie comes to England to visit his brother, but fearing he may disrupt an important dinner party, the brother arranges for him to spend the night with an interactive, improvisational theatre experience that takes place on the streets of London. 492 more words

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¶ Sherbrooke missal (c. 1320) [MS]

Sherbrooke missal.

Illuminated manuscript. England, c. 1320. 330 leaves.

When Sydney Cockerell was cataloguing Morris’s library, he recorded in his diary, 3 March 1894: “Struggled nearly all day with the beautiful Sherbrooke Missal.” 69 more words

Sotheby 1898

¶ Tiptoft missal (c. 1320) [MS]

Tiptoft missal.

Illuminated manuscript. England, perhaps Cambridge, c. 1320. 360 leaves.

Morris took an intense interest in this lavishly ornamented manuscript. Sydney Cockerell recorded in his diary, 9 May 1895, that Morris was examining it at Kelmscott House and noted that it has “an illuminated border to every page.” On 13 June Cockerell went to the British Museum “to look up Tiptoft pedigree.” 53 more words