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"December Descends"

December descends just in time on trees right out of my window.


"By Touch"

If you have eyes but do not see
I can not help you;
If you can’t feel
I can not do instead of you – 17 more words

"Feeling Of Love"

Anyway it’s bound to happen
And you will come to one
To know what you have to
And if you wish to be remembered
You always come to one… 17 more words

"Reminiscences And Memoirs"

Reminiscences are much harder to draw than fresh memories; though yesterdays are better written than todays; todays will soon become yesterdays, yesterdays will never become todays. 154 more words


The trees were ubrushed that morning,
After night,
And she was too.


"Night Gown"

She saw him out of her window
And went out to meet him in a homey gown –
Delightful eyes and smiling lips, her breasts in night against the brick walls – 12 more words

"Summer's Day Of Marilyn"

What if she was like that when there was no camera, when there was no one looking at her. A few seconds later. You know how we pretend in public. 146 more words