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"The Galaxy"

“…if she once asks you where they’re from he will suggest some stupid versions and she will smile; in open palms the galaxy had left its many bumpy traces, and a smile that a man-to-be must see…” 7 more words

"Not tired of thou..."

“…normally they may get tired ere long, I wonder why I not of you; thou art, thou hast allure that I loue and woo…”


"When moon was late..."

“…moon promised to a shore to love it; she came to shore his footsteps when the moon was late…”

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"Sentenced Sentences"

“…those sentences had been sentenced long before they were sent to someone’s set in an enclosed frame; each sentence then assumed its fatal sense within a whole one, spelled and unclosed to some…” 6 more words

"It takes to blossom..."

“…for who it comes it takes to blossom in a night…”

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"Obsessed And Possessed"

“…when one’s obsessed and when another one’s possessed, and that can be for ever if they think they’ll never meet; they choose to be, to be obsessed, to be possessed in hope they will meet one time…”