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"Frozen Panes"

Even if I’m terribly cold in May
I will scratch it all the same
On a frozen pane.

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"Colors Bleed"

If you don’t love me,
If you don’t care –
Please, don’t come back –
I don’t want my colors bleed in front of you. 7 more words

"I Can't Get Enough Of You"

If I can’t get enough of you
And you can’t get enough of me
Then we were made to one another
And we shall master one night this dance… 7 more words

"Spare Shiners"

When all the crooning stars will tumble down
And the city lights cut down
Up shall be there only those
To be remained to shine to spared shores. 6 more words

"Miss On Bench"

Sometimes we miss for the whole life the those we knew only for a half an hour –
Escaping to that bench.

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