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"Magic Moments"

“…magic’s made of moments if she heard his song…”


"Unzip and Sip"

“Unzip my feminine and take a sip and kiss me long…”, was all she wished…

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"Apocalypse Of Time"

Time worsens time, changing its degree and state from bad to ‘badder’. Even if the sun is yellowing outside the weather’s getting colder and colder. This world is moving towards long winters and hot wars. 106 more words


“I am occasionally here and you are my occasion too.”


"Ask Anything"

“…‘ask me anything’, she asked him after midnight; he gave her what she asked and disappeared after that…”


"What if we knew..."

What if you knew what I’ve been thinking of you,
what if I knew as if immaculate, unblemished, undefiled we are not.