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"Kitty & Cat"

I know that you have nails –
You are the kitty and you scratch
But don’t forget
I have a mouth and a tongue in it… 47 more words

"Painting Music"

Turn on delightful music
And love me like you do the music
And paint me like you paint it.


"Karaoke Love"

It was a festive night,
We were in karaoke bar
And drunk,
You heard me sing
And kissed me
For the song.

– Was I drunk? 44 more words

"Love Of Mine"

You loved my art
But didn’t me –
You don’t even know
What it is –
A love of mine.


"Times Of Falling"

This time
I don’t want to fail
When I fall in love again
And for the last time.

I’d rather quit soon,
Another autumn’s near – 26 more words