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Noise Around Renoir

Hating Renoir to me is the same as hating the Beauty, as hating the Nature, as hating the Woman and the Man and their Children, as hating the loving world. 15 more words


I allow you to forget me as I allow myself to love you as we would allow ourselves as if we had the allowances to and not to.


"Blue Accords"

Loneliness strings blue accords.

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"Casual Molecule"

I’m a casual molecule that happened to be on your way at the jiff with its relative equivalent weight.

From “Stupid Thoughts & Chemical Elements and Reactions”


"Your Body Is Earth"

Because your body is earth and I want to love it as I love it.

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"Knowledge For Digestion"

Knowledge is like food has to be given in adequate proportions at the right time and age for better digestion, without overfeed and underfeed.

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"Intermediate Meditation"

I don’t draw intercourse but something intermediate that intersects me.