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"Spelled To Love"

Once she appeared in the mirror
And said to him:
“It’s you and me in this miraculous mirror –
We are reflections of one spell, 47 more words

See Sea

Soon I’ll go to see a sea
And have a short rest on a lonely shore
From everything
I like and don’t –
I’ll miss you there… 16 more words

"You To Me"

– What am I to you?
– From now you to me belong, you are next my painting.

13signs 6 more words

"The Same Mistakes"

Don’t forget not to make the same mistakes in life
Because we always forget and do.



I wished to put the comma here
But it wished to run away, to a better place,
Where it makes the sense,
And it took me, there.


"Principal Learning"

She must learn to love
And he must learn to feel –
I’ve learned both of these
But failed to the poor learners.