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The 13th Warrior and Mythology

If you’ve seen the movie The 13th Warrior, do you remember the scene where Antonio Banderas is sitting at the fire and seems to learn the language quickly just by being around it? 40 more words



THE 13th WARRIOR (1999)

I’ve always liked this flawed but, very enjoyable action adventure since I first saw it. The 13th Warrior is based on a book by Michael Crichton called… 451 more words


Top 5 Supporting Characters in an Action film

Hello all. Mark here.

Here’s the explanation of an action movie from my friend Andrew:

“Action is a pretty broad genre. If people (plural) are getting shot, it counts as an action movie.” 630 more words

Films And Flix Special

13th Warrior

Th-ink-king (the Ink King..?)  “thou-oughts”  c-re-8-s  y-0ur  re-ALL-t.


Ma-ke  the-M  C-uno-T!

13e-YOU-T-ful  minds/Mayans  uni-Te/un-tie! 23 more words

The 13th Warrior





The 13th Warrior

Dir. John McTiernan


Central Cast

Antonio Banderas – Ahmed

Vladimir Kulich – Buliwyf

Written by William Wisher and Warren Lewis, based on the novel  331 more words

Goose-bump Moments

Goose-bump moments. We all know them. Whether we’re watching a movie or reading a great book, they’re those moments that pull on your heartstrings and really make you feel the power of the moment. 635 more words

On Writing And Reading

Game Face

In the dawning of a year, with the memory of a less-than-stellar 2012 fresh in the mind, this Berg will don her game face.  One that is ready, willing, and able to face the future and do what is necessary to succeed.  235 more words