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Investing as Foresight Practice

Do you invest? I hope you do, as investing, and teaching your children and friends to invest, is one of the classic ways people can and do put their futuring skills to the test. 1,575 more words

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Returning to First Century Palestine for Lessons on the Future of Religion - Reza Aslan's Zealot, 2013

I’ve just finished a lovely book, currently #4 on the NYT Nonfiction Bestseller list, that I recommend highly for those seeking to improve their personal spirituality and understanding of religion, Reza Aslan’s… 2,578 more words

Social Progress

Abundance, 2012 - Why You Should Read This Book

Every few years a few truly great general interest books on technology, human problems, and social progress come along. Books like Carson’s Silent Spring, 1962. 1,490 more words

Social Progress

Order of Magnitude Challenge: How to Achieve 10X Your Normal Performance

How do you run 50 miles in one go, when you typically only run five?
More generally, how can you achieve a 10X performance improvement in your endurance abilities in life? 3,044 more words

14-Personal, Career, Relat., Goals, Values