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The defenestration of Prague

Today I had the joy of being reminded of the word defenestration. It’s a wonderful word. To throw someone or something out of a window. Today, however, I want to focus on throwing… 676 more words

LOOTB #1419: Alicia

This is Alicia. She is 9 years old, her favorite subject in school is math and when she grows up she wants to be a teacher! 87 more words



AMAZING! $36.00

The last time I saw this, I bid on it. I use my previous spotting of a finalized bid of $75.00 (solo), and as part of a $202.50 combo with “TIME FOR BED”, as my guide. 20 more words

James Fowler

Revolution: A short history of Prague

“I shall now set forth our plan for all to admire. Ultimate goal: overthrow Austria. First step: take Prague. Modus operandi: seize the citadel and lookout point on the promontory of the Marian Ramparts, thereby capturing the city, and, according to our calculations, forestalling all possibility of bombardment.

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Fact of the day: 19th January

On this day in 1419 Henry V retook Rouen during the Hundred Years War, thus turning Normandy English again for the first time in two centuries. 251 more words

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