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An Analysis of Government Programs Used to Assist Marginalized Groups

For Law Studies, assignment 4.14, by Sarah Knezel

    To analyze the use of Affirmative Action & other forms of policies that attempt to help marginalized people, you have to analyze the official amendments and definitions regarding these social services. 1,040 more words

14th Amendment

"Sovereign" Citizens: Beyond Thunderdome

The Mad Max franchise explores a concept that has become all  too common  in media: the breakdown of law and society following some cataclysmic event (total depletion of oil reserves for Max).  1,507 more words

Constitutional Law

From citizen journalism to fake news...

I knew it wouldn’t end well. From my first blog post six years ago to the current reality of 1984, where lies become truth, science is suspect, and a blowhard president sits in the White House. 330 more words

Fight Wimpiness

14th Amendment Citizens

14th Amendment Citizens (Part 1)

Leon Hascal, January 28, 2017

Every individual born in one of the 50 sovereign states was born an individual American sovereign, with inalienable rights. 1,439 more words


Testimony at Cleveland Heights “Democracy Day” Public Hearing

January 25, 2017

Move to Amend’s proposed constitutional We the People Amendment has two components. One is much simpler to understand – ending the constitutional doctrine that money is equal to free speech – because the problems connecting big money to political lobbying and elections are so pervasive. 427 more words

"Being Then & There a Person of the Female Sex": A Citizen's Right to Vote

On January 23, 1873, one hundred and forty-four years ago, a federal grand jury of men, in Albany, New York, indicted Susan B. Anthony for being a female. 1,319 more words