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Complications and Confusions...

Life is a complicated and confusing place. In that vein, I’m trying to reduce that confusion and complication. I freely admit to being a Facebook junkie. 920 more words

Straight Ally

Bert Neuborne and ‘Madison’s Music’

Have you considered why the First Amendment is structured the way it is, or how the 10 amendments of the Bill of Rights came to be so ordered? 1,400 more words


A New Book Says That Gun Control In America Is Just As American As Guns

There’s a reporter for the Washington Star named Emily Miller who tried last year to get a gun license in Washington, D.C., and then wrote a… 638 more words


College Degree Basic Requirement for COPS

Understanding Probable Cause (PC)

Officer discernment |dɪˈsəːnm(ə)nt|
noun [ mass noun ]
the ability to judge well: an astonishing lack of discernment

‘Blackness is not probable cause.’ 339 more words

14th Amendment

And the Name of Charles Ajoloko's Trial Attorney is.............Gary Schwartz

Gary Schwartz was my son’s trial attorney.

Gary Schwartz, I am calling you out.

Gary Schwartz, how does it feel to know that your representation of my son has cost him 12 years of his young life? 888 more words

Woodrow Wilson Gets a Gift and Blows It

Woodrow Wilson got a gift of the Presidency in 1912 when Teddy Roosevelt, on an ego trip, split the Republican Party. But Wilson turned out to be a very poor President. 483 more words

Presidential Elections