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The Supreme Court Refuses to Extend the Automobile Exception (c)

Last week, in an 8-1 opinion, the Supreme Court held that when an automobile is in the curtilage of an individual’s home police officers must obtain a search warrant before searching someone’s automobile. 784 more words

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'We the Corporations' with Robert Sheer and Adam Winkler (Audio and Transcript)

“I think we need to have a nuanced approach to the rights of corporations. They need some constitutional protections, but that doesn’t mean they need all the same constitutional protections as you and me.”

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TheHill.com Op-Ed: SORNA Vengeful, Unconstitutional and Due for Full Repeal


By Jesse Kelley, TheHill.com Opinion Contributor — 03/05/18

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that at least 95 percent of all state prisoners will be released from prison at some point. 522 more words


Is POTUS using the Hegelian dialectic against the left?

My arm hurts too much to transcribe my notes. I shot it instead ; I had been intending to use it only as the featured image and to give a quick illustration of my thinking process. 34 more words

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Brown's Promise (c)

Today marks the 64th anniversary of the legendary case Brown v. Board of Education. It is renowned for ending legal segregation in this country. Much has been said about the Supreme Court’s courageous step it took in ensuring that equal protection under the law meant exactly what it said. 592 more words

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Schreck talks and debates amendments in her show 'What the Constitution Means to Me' at Berkeley Rep

That pesky 14th Amendment.

It’s an amendment that states, in its second section, that only the rights of voting males are protected. Even more problematic, when addressing citizenship, it never clearly states who actually has the right to become a citizen. 1,274 more words

Chokehold, Literally & Figuratively

The Paul Butler who appears often on MSNBC as a legal expert has a very different voice from the Paul Butler who wrote Chokehold: Policing Black Men… 552 more words