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Gay marriage to get big test

The U.S. Supreme Court is going to decide soon whether Americans have a constitutional right to marry someone of the same sex.

My guess is that if the conservative court majority is as “strict constructionist” as its members claim to be, the issue could be a slam dunk. 152 more words

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My Blather On.... Equality; April 23rd

It Seems Some ‘More Equal’ Than Others
    The 14th Amendment assures that all citizens of the United States are treated similarly~equally~under the law.  This amendment was originally intended to protect ALL Americans from injustices by insuring they were given “ 292 more words


"Promises Not Yet Recognized": Enshrine The Right To Vote In The Constitution

Flags flew at half mast, schoolchildren recited the “Gettysburg Address” and for a few hours on April 15, America paused to remember that a century and a half ago this country lost its 16th president to an assassin’s bullet. 1,007 more words


The Silence of the Middle

The Christian Bible says “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. I believe that. I believe that allowing something to happen without saying anything is an action just as much as doing the action. 647 more words

Straight Ally

Working For Peanuts

On March 9th in 1865, the Civil War ended, and one year later, the Civil Rights Bill of 1866 (which formed the basis for the 14th Amendment) was passed.   124 more words

SC Wants to Discriminate Against Women and Gays

This is truly unbelievable. As far as I’m concerned South Carolina can get booted out of the union. Nothing but trash there.

One key problem with originalism—the theory that the Constitution should be interpreted as its drafters understood it—is that the men who wrote our constitution had some pretty barbaric views about humanity.

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deciding between dark and light

the room is dark but there is this
light inside me
faint yet growing
calling me by name and making me
wonder why I am so alone… 77 more words