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Segregation Was Not Southern Racism–It Was Federal Policy

Our republican system was meant for a homogeneous people. As long as blacks continue to live with the whites they constitute a threat to the national life.

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Rights and Responsibilities

   This post grows out of my witnessing, via media, the protests, and riots that occurred since Trump was declared President-Elect.  The many Marchers with a myriad of causes has made me proud that there were folks out there expressing their Constitutionally appointed rights to Protest and Petition the Government. 3,776 more words


Rahm Sues, Chicago Still Terrible

The incompetent Rahm Emanuel, at the helm of the city of Chicago, sued the federal government on Monday, 7 August 2017, after prolonged threats at withholding federal dollars if Chicago did not combat its image as a sanctuary city (other cities have sued as well). 650 more words

July 28 (Pt 1) - Civil Rights and the Magic City

July 28th marks the anniversary of the Fourteenth Amendment’s certification, one of the first major civil rights march in the United States and the incorporation the city of Miami. 676 more words

19th Century

Business Owners vs. Gays & Lesbians

Gays Seeking Goods and Services, and Business Owners Seeking Protection of Conscience Rights: One Modest Proposal for Forging Detente Between the Two Groups

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14th Amendment To U.S. Constitution Passed This Day In 1866: Indians, Women, Kids, Not Citizens


XIV Amendment passed by the U.S. House of Representatives today in 1866, ratified by states on July 9th. 50 more words