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Judge Rules Future’s Tweets About Ciara Weren’t Defamatory Enough for $15 Million

Ciara’s would have to gather new evidence against Future because a judge just ruled that a few angry tweets isn’t worth $15 million in damages. 68 more words


Cancer Survivors Top 15 Million

An entrepreneur with experience leading several companies, Jeffrey Goffman cofounded Integrated Oncology Network, LLC, in 2009. The company provides management advice to oncologists, cancer centers, and hospitals nationwide. 138 more words

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Ciara Gets 'Payback' On Future

Ciara & Future’s war just got way more heated — she’s suing him for allegedly blasting her mothering skills and attacking her relationship with Russell Wilson … all to publicize his music. 213 more words


Ciara SUES Baby Daddy 'Future' for $15 Million!

Future may have been a little too ‘Honest’ with his recent series of tweets lashing out at ex, Ciara.. Find out the juicy reason why she’s SUEING the Dirty Sprite King…. 165 more words

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SFR 353: Once More Unto the Breach

–Two civilians and a police officer are dead after a gunman shoots up a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. What do we know about the attacker and his motives? 221 more words


Clock boy’ seeking $15 million in damages

Two months after “clock boy” Ahmed Mohamed made international headlines, new details of his controversial arrest emerged Monday in a letter his attorney has sent to school and city officials in Irving, Texas.As many as seven adults teamed up to interrogate the 14-year-old boy after a teacher mistook his homemade clock for abomb and pressured him to sign a confession, according to the “letter of demand” from his lawyer warning of plans to file a $15 million suit.Ahmed’s September arrest, deemed an overreaction by many observers, drew waves of sympathy and extensive news coverage; President Obama invited him to join several other science-inclined students at the White House’s “AstronomyNight” last month.But his family, which shortly thereafter took up a benefactor’s offer to relocate to Qatar, argued in the letter that the boy’s reputation has been “permanently scarred.” They are seeking not only financial reparations but written apologies from the city’s mayor and police chief.“Everyone in the country and around the world believes this has been a wonderful experience for Ahmed’s family, and in some ways, it has been,” said Anthony Bond, a family friend. 313 more words


'Clock Kid' Ahmed Mohamed wants $15 million, written apologies

Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old so-called “clock kid” who made headlines after being arrested for bringing a homemade clock to his Texas school, is seeking $15 million in damages and written apologies from the Irving, Texas mayor and police chief. 428 more words

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