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Kishi Bashi - Lighght

To many, the sound of a violin is unparalleled – apart from by its various siblings. Anything that requires a fiddle is simplistic majestic really. It’s no surprise then that there was a mild furore surrounding violin virtuoso Kishi Bashi after releasing his debut album… 353 more words


A Show(s) Review - 4 cities, 3 reviewers, 2....something, 1 artist.


Hobo’s go to shows. LOTS of shows. There are sit-downs, stand-outs, sell-outs and sold-outs. We’re trying a new thing here, a review of multiple shows by the same artist in different cities. 1,308 more words

Competitions nos. 151A and 151B: results

A new judge, Dorothy Avery (about whom I can find nothing whatsoever, so any help appreciated), asks for a rhyming English translation of the following lines from… 236 more words

Album Review: Kishi Bashi's 'Lighght'

Happy “Tunage Tuesday,” folks!

Last October, I hailed Kishi Bashi’s debut solo album 151a as “simply amazing”.   Today, he follows it up with his new album… 337 more words


Spotlight Artist: Kishi Bashi

This past weekend, when I was at a Matt Kearney concert, I had the opportunity to see an incredible opening show by up and coming indie artist, Kishi Bashi. 269 more words


REVIEW: Kishi Bashi - 151a

Colourful melodies and masterful stringmanship from Kishi Bashi

Kaoru Ishibashi is a figure both interesting and inspiring, much akin to the music he makes under the moniker… 375 more words