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Reading Our Times With Now: The Invisible Committee

Beginning by abandoning the old idea of revolution and reinventing it … Not as a new ideology but as a true praxis of an ethics of freedom to redefine the desirable and the undesirable and to create a new subjectivity that makes possible the impossible. 4,752 more words

15M Appropriations and Revolutions: Fragmentary Visions in Spain

Perhaps the most radical legacy of 15M lies in the ways in which the expansion of self-managed forms of life have reshaped subjectivities, which in turn feed back into those forms.   2,578 more words

Podemos: ¿cómo empezó y cómo despegó?

Manifestación durante el 15-M.  Foto: Ángela Martín

Podemos es un partido español de izquierdas, que se fundó en el 2014. El líder del partido es Pablo Iglesias. 268 more words

Podemos y la construcción de paz. Por Jorge Gaupp.

Hace poco Nuria Alabao hablaba de la “cultura política de guerra en Podemos” [1]. Lo contrario es, inevitablemente, una cultura política de paz. Pero prácticamente nadie del Podemos dirigente (salvo Manuela Carmena, que no es del partido) usa la palabra paz, pues nos topamos con un significante que causa cierta aversión en el ámbito de la izquierda posmarxista actual. 1,389 more words

Patience Jonathan Opened 2 Accounts $15M In The Name Of Her Houseboy & Driver

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested four domestic servants, including a driver and a houseboy (steward), in connection to the investigation of Dame Patience Jonathan, the wife of former President Goodluck Jonathan, over alleged $15 million account. 325 more words