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Those two words began the turmoil of American politics for the next 8 years and accelerated America’s descent into political chaos the likes of which the country hasn’t seen for over 100 years.   1,514 more words

Your 2nd Amendment is not more equal than our 15th and 19th Amendment

I am spitting angry this morning about this new and outrageous statement from Donald Trump:

“We’re going to watch Pennsylvania. Go down to certain areas and watch and study and make sure other people don’t come in and vote five times,” he said at a rally in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

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Election Laws Struck Down in Texas, North Carolina and Wisconsin

Over the course of two weeks, voting restrictions passed in the wake of the 2013 Shelby County v. Holder decision have been struck down in three different states — Texas, North Carolina and Wisconsin. 1,182 more words

Decision Analysis

Do your duty...(I said duty, hehehe)

Today is my state’s Primary election day and that means it’s time to vote. Now, generally I don’t get all soapbox-y with the politics but I am for just a tick. 333 more words


Presidential Trivia - Ulysses S. Grant

Think you know a lot about the President of the United States?  Let us dig down into the dustbin of history and see what we can find. 619 more words


Frederick Douglass Spoke

Just outside of Washington’s Headquarters in Newburgh, New York this rock sits. It commemorates the time that Frederick Douglass came and gave a memorable speech. 168 more words

New York

"Republicans' Coup de Grace On Voting Rights?": Putting The Interests Of The Republican Party Over The Interests Of Voters

Last week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case called Evenwel v. Abbott. The case involves an issue of increasing importance to American politics: congressional districting. 761 more words