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Was Ulysses S. Grant a bad President?

Ulysses S. Grant was undoubtedly a great General and horseman. At the age of 5 he could stand on the back of a horse and was training them by the age of 9.  633 more words


Power to the People

Power to the People

by Cassidy Sisler

I believe the 15th Amendment, 19th Amendment and 26th Amendment are three of the most important amendments in the United States Constitution. 246 more words


Do English-only laws violate constitutional rights?

While reading some text this week, I was introduced to the concept of English-only laws. I had never heard of any such movements to impose English as the only accepted language in certain cities or states of the United States, though I am not surprised to hear of it. 582 more words

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POTUS: Ulysses S. Grant -- "Unconditional Surrender" Grant

“As the United States is the freest of all nations, so, too, its people sympathize with all people struggling for liberty and self-government; but while so sympathizing it is due to our honor that we should abstain from enforcing our views upon unwilling nations and from taking an interested part, without invitation…”

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If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

St. John chapter 8:36

When you compare our emancipation with the Jewish day of freedom it really makes you wonder.  641 more words

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A Quick History Lesson

This a little lesson about civil rights that I found on Facebook that everyone should be reminded of when it’s implied that the Democrats have always been virtuous freedom fighters and the Republicans have always been racists. Enjoy!

What Liberals Don't Want You To Know About Charlottesville

A commonly held opinion is that the police made numerous mistakes in Charlottesville left wing –right wing clash.  Although it didn’t get much attention, an anonymous police office leaked that his force was told not to prevent the two groups from clashing. 519 more words