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The teenage pregnancy experience

I learned many things from being a “16 & pregnant” statistic. Things I now use to defend young mothers who have known this hurt all to well. 1,245 more words


MTV I love you, but you're bringing me down.

Another productive day lost to trashy reality tv. I could have finished one of the two books I have on the go. Or done laundry. Or worked on my writing. 144 more words

'Teen Mom' Stars Who've Undergone Extensive Plastic Surgery -- See Pics

It’s no shocker, reality stars are known for going under the knife, but these group of ladies from MTV are taking the cake. First, there was Farrah Abraham who shocked ‘Teen Mom’ fans when she had multiple procedures done to her face and then her boobs. 250 more words

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Deadbeatmom Resolutions

Another year passed, another opportunity to try and erase or at least contain the damage. Hysterically, I started drafting this blog at the end of 2008…so much for the resolution to become an Uber blogger!  387 more words


Thot Thoughts Thursday: EHG Tramp Stamp and the Meaning of Sludge

Hey thotlings! What’s good? For me, it’s a box of Cocoa Krispies and binging on some 16 & Pregnant. I’m watching an episode where this chick with two-toned hair named Maddy gets knocked up from a one night slam bam when she was trying to get over her ex. 1,299 more words


Teen pregnancies in the US have hit an all-time low—and are falling fast

Teen pregnancies are hard on mothers, children, and family. Fortunately, America at least is seeing fewer of them.

According to the latest report by the National Center for Health Statistics, teen pregnancies in the US have hit an all-time low. 183 more words