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Katie Yeager: MTV, Baby-Daddy Drama and Being a Mom

In March 2012, the fourth season of 16 and Pregnant launched and on the second episode we met Katie Yeager, a teen from Rock Springs, Wyoming. 1,452 more words


Chapter 50: The Quick End

Almost a year ago, I started this blog-story. An episodic chapter by chapter storytelling of how I got here. However in mid August, I stopped. Now there was a variety of reasons why I had not continued my work on this project. 406 more words

Why I Love Shitty Reality TV Shows

My guilty pleasure in life is watching incredibly lame reality television shows. It’s almost sad how giddy I get when the latest Dance Moms episode is released. 453 more words

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Does ‘16 and Pregnant' and 'Teen Mom' Promote Teen Pregnancy?

MTV is infamous for its scandalous shows and questionable characters. When the first episode of ’16 and Pregnant’ aired in the summer of 2009, people began asking the question, “Isn’t this just encouraging teen pregnancy?” 401 more words

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10 Trends Of Teenage Pregnancy According To MTV

So I have a confession of sorts to make. 16 and Pregnant and its sister show Teen Mom are one of my biggest guilty pleasures/self-esteem boosters/de-stressors for some inexplicable reason. 797 more words

What Holds Teenage Mothers Back In School?

By Ariel Newman

Teen pregnancy has been prevalent in the media and in pop culture for the last several years. From shows like 16 and Pregnant to sensationalized movies like The Pregnancy Pact, teenage pregnancy is an issue with the potential to attract a lot of attention. 452 more words

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Trixie's Winter Ensemble: Do's and Don'ts

Is it here?! Has spring really popped its head out from whatever hole it has been hibernating in for the last few months? Yesterdays “heat wave”, a balmy 48 degrees, brought out the best in everyone’s mood, even after we lost an hour of sleep as our body’s adjusted to daylight savings time. 1,077 more words