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An Analysis of the Ending Scene of Sixteen Candles (1984)

The final scene of the 1984 John Hughes film Sixteen Candles is a textbook example of the ending of a romantic comedy film, albeit a TEEN romantic comedy film. 739 more words

Romantic Comedy

16 Candles X2 plus a little change

Sooo…..it’s my birthday. Why are birthdays so weird when you’re old?? We need to take it back to your 6th, 7th, and 8th birthday, where there are no expectations. 366 more words

This Tribute to '80s Teen Movies Will Make You Yearn for Simpler Times

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Breakfast Club, YouTube creator Robert Jones put together an incredible tribute to ’80s teen films, including Sixteen Candles… 106 more words

Ylvis and me: a timeline comparison (aka: what was I doing when they were doing ???) Part 2

Well, this one will be short.

I don’t know exactly when Ylvis was in Africa but I know it was in the 80’s.

What was I doing between 1985 to 1990? 336 more words

Film Quizzes: Rites of Passage Part 3

There simply wasn’t enough space to cover so many great rites of passage films. It is a genre in which Hollywood really seems to revel in. 56 more words

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0392 16 Candles - The Crests (1958)

This song was written by Luther Dixon and Allyson R. Khent. It was recorded by The Crests in 1958. It was a single with Beside You… 44 more words