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Week In The Life (The Thirteen Colonies, and Giving Thanks)

We had our first fire of the season this week. It seems like it never fails; 70 degrees and shorts one day, 30 degrees and winter coats the next. 1,337 more words


Hey there, 16-year-old me

Finding out that 2006 was 10 years ago is one of those things that makes you stop what you’re doing, do a quick recount, and then look for someone to tell using lots of gifs of surprised cats to convey your total disbelief, even though it’s been true all year. 1,653 more words

Week In The Life ("Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death."*)

Little Sis had her first regional cheerleading competition over the weekend. I had video taped her routine, so she could practice her non stunting moves at home. 939 more words


What I Would Tell My 16 Year Old Self

Day 13 – What Would I Tell My 16 Year Old Self.

I have been thinking about this one for a while, I have been trying to think about the things I’d want to tell my 16-year old self. 236 more words

November Blogging Challange

Week(s) In The Life (Seeing Red, Feeling Blue)

We ended up taking the week of Halloween off. Between the holiday, dentist appointments, homeschool gym, cheerleading, a birthday, and getting sick, I knew I could kiss any planned lessons goodbye. 934 more words


Week In The Life (I Declare )

Well, we didn’t exactly take a break. However, I did discover the problem and attempted to fix it. Normally when I begin to feel overwhelmed, it is because I am trying to squeeze in more information than our brains can handle (if I’m overwhelmed by information, so are the girls). 1,188 more words


Week In The Life (What A Beauty)

I am finding it hard to want to write today. I am actually pushing myself though, because I’ve found that when I don’t want to write, it usually means that I need to. 1,117 more words