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Week in the Life (Cells, Cells, Everywhere Cells)

First, some good news following my last post.

Thanks to some great information shared in a Facebook homeschooling high school group I belong to, Sky and I talked some more about her graduating goals. 1,031 more words


Week In The Life ( Scandinavia )

It never seems to fail, I write a post on how well our lessons are going, then something happens to change all that.

I mean, it is not like I didn’t see it coming or anything. 1,270 more words


Week(s) In The Life (Are We Having Fun, Guys?)

Well, this was probably one of the longest breaks we have ever taken from school. Of course, learning still continues whether we have lessons or not. 1,703 more words


Why you should Go Home.

Recently I was forced to head back to Australia to transfer visas something I wasn’t looking forward to. However trying to look on the bright side, it would allow me time to head back to my home town to see my family and high school friends. 491 more words

Spring Break (2017)

So, between getting sick (again, *sigh*), out-of-state company, the maple syrup festival, all day stunt clinic for a certain cheerleader, and being at the perfect stopping point in our lessons, we’ve decided to take two weeks off for spring break. 30 more words


Week(s) in the Life (Microbes Beware)

I have been struggling with finding time to write. The older the girls get, the less time I seem to have. My poor unsocialized homeschool children have been extremely busy.   1,235 more words


Week(s) in the Life ( How We Science)

Here we are again, the middle of February, and we have the windows open. I feel like winter is over, before it even began.

The robins have been gathering around our crabapple tree, helping themselves. 1,081 more words