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A Week in the Life ( Loneliness)

Happy Friday the 13th!

This is my last post categorized under 16 (at least until Little Sis turns 16 anyway). Sky turns 17 this weekend. I am still in disbelief about her being 16. 824 more words


Week in the Life (Athenticity)

So, after a week of trying to make my own journal pages and making sure that I had everything printed and ready for the week, I decided to go ahead and purchase the fun-schooling journals. 660 more words


Week In The Life (Belonging)

We have officially flipped to “funschooling”.


While writing my last school post, I realized the reason we took the summer off. We all hit burn-out (like a brick wall). 938 more words


At The Moment

I thought I would pop in and list a few things I am really enjoying at the moment.

My discovery of funschooling, for one. It has turned our whole school upside down, in a good way. 131 more words


Week In The Life ("Watch Out For That Tree"*)

Our second week back to school and all hell broke loose. “Where is the drawing?” “Where is the baking?” “What happened to our learning being interesting?” 1,191 more words


Week in the Life (In 1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue.*)

Welcome 2017-18 school year!

This was our first year taking summer off. Well, not really off. I mean learning never really takes a break. I guess I should say that our summer was less academic looking. 988 more words

A Week In The Life

Decisions Of a 16 Year-Old

I love my daughter.  And why wouldn’t I?  My ex and I have raised an amazing girl.  How amazing?  She told us a few months back that she wants to take extra classes over the summer so she can graduate early.   646 more words