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“Shaded,” Fort Lauderdale, Florida, January 2016

Because I’m sick of my Italy shots, I’ll be posting from Florida for a while. :)

Street & Candid

169// Timetable, Script, Storyboard

This weekend, we worked on timetable, script, storyboard, casting board and sample location shots. Timetable includes all the informations of the shots such as time, location, camera angle, script, sound, casting, lighting, props and transition to the next scene. 281 more words


169// Final Editing

For the title part, we’ve got the exact reference from the film produced by Visuals From. Above are the title page that they created. Since ‘Something to Someone’ film was our reference from the very beginning, it has similar mood with our film. 70 more words


The blue and grey of Cold

Shot with Lumia 930. RAW processed with Lightroom 5 (2016)


169// Editing

Today we worked on the sound and final editing on transitions of each video clips. Mainly, cross-dissolve, fade in and fade out are used for transition to maintain its slow pace. 390 more words


169// Second Shooting

We have done the second shooting on Friday to shoot the parts that we have not shot on Wednesday. We first went to tube station to film the character going up the stairs. 309 more words