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Negative Scanning Services and Photo Restoration Services Online

Are you looking for some of the innovative ways that can help you in transforming your old negatives and reels into the modern and perfect photographs with no glare? 184 more words

Prepaid Photo Scanning Box – Transforming Your Old Images

Keeping your old photographs preserved that are left somewhere in a shoe box or in album is certainly a good way of transformation for the amazing things that are your sweet memories. 200 more words

Home Movies Conversion to DVD by Photo60Studio

Your old movies of grand events organized by you, your wedding day event, birthday bash or any kind of other from the old days need rewinding that is possible only through… 191 more words

Flow Country #2 Short Film

Flow Country (No 2.) 12 mins: View the film here

Directed and edited by Jasper Coppes (NL)

With Daniel Lee – Archaeologist (University of the Highlands and Islands, UK) 131 more words

Daniel Lee

60’s Comedy Rescued from Nigerian Basement

In the sixties, videotape used to film television programs was expensive. When a program had been shown as many times as the contract required the tape was wiped and reused, unless someone requested it be saved for some reason. 74 more words

Misc Hacks

How to make a Hip Hop music video.

Take a 4mm Lens and shove it right up in their face. This was one of my favourite artists to ever work with. Really nice guy, professional, helped with boxes, funny and respectful. Both these gents; top blokes.

Thomas Jude Gerard Wright


Needs updating but here’s my showreel from 2013. For anyone that’s interested, the effect in the beginning is from shooting 16mm on a Ikonoskop with the shutter put out of phase and held in portrait orientation so the highlights bleed horizontally. 70 more words

Thomas Jude Gerard Wright