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First real designs

After a chat with my youngest brother, I have set myself the challenge of producing something using the Birmingham Small Arms Motorcycle logo for him, to celebrate the fact that he has successfully refurbished such a motorcycle. 283 more words


Done and Done...

In some ways the repaint was a success and in some it remains disappointing. I’m thrilled that it was such an easy fix but not enthused with the hard lines in the camouflage. 87 more words

Model Airplanes

Gintama 172 - Chuyện cái ô

Sẵn ngày mưa nên edit chap này cho vui.
Một chap ngắn nhưng rất dễ thương về Kagura và chiếc ô. Cô bé vẫn là con gái hồn nhiên ngay thơ, có điều chắc ở với Gin lâu quá nên đầu óc đen tối dần đều thôi :v… 31 more words

Shyao Fye

Fixing My Mistake

As you can see, the remaining A-10 is undergoing a mask to alleviate the white overspray. Progress was halted because of a very strong cup of coffee. 72 more words

Model Airplanes

The Pothole

I was on my way to being finished with painting the Snow Hog when my airbrush decided to putter out on me. I started off with the nose section and that went fine until I stopped to adjust my grip. 155 more words

Model Airplanes