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Slowly Building

Activity around the Amateur Airplanes household continues at a steady pace. My workbench time seems to only be achieved at very minimal moments during the week. 253 more words

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Happier Weekend 

My goal for the weekend was to have the wings attached on all four builds. Goal achieved! At a time when the progress is hard to gain, this is huge for my morale. 222 more words

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Setting Up

As I limp my way through the current four builds, I had a brief victory today. Between the ongoing settling in, I managed to devote a small amount of time to the model building side of life. 275 more words

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Drones and Probes for Gates of Antares

I haven’t taken the plunge yet for getting an army together for Gates of Antares. Instead I’ve been using a lot of my 15mm sci-fi stuff as proxy forces and have been having quite a bit of fun. 550 more words


Harder Than I Thought

This move had officially hit the one week mark this past Friday and I am still left a little shell shocked from the busy week that ensued. 348 more words

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Special Hobby Mirage F.1C (Spanish and Moroccan air force version)

Kit: 1/72 scale Dassault Mirage F.1. Versions: Mirage F.1CE, F.1EDA and F.1CH. Produced by: Special Hobby from the Czech Republic/ Czechia.


The kit on the whole gets an… 1,051 more words


Finding Normalcy 

When your life gets shaken and your entire routine gets tossed in a blender, it’s how you handle the aftermath that determines the recovery. My move has chopped me up and left me with aches and pains. 255 more words

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