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Independence Day Building

Happy Independence Day to everyone! Holidays are fun and often lead to my best work. I don’t know what would be different from any other day, but here we are with progress at hand. 161 more words

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Home-Grown Flying Schoolhouse!

Despite the lack of export potential, a lot of countries still like to design and build their own jet trainers. The problem with this is that very often we don’t get to have kits of these home-grown planes! 61 more words

A-10 Progress

Progress is being measured in inches with the A-10’s. The chins are a little farther along today with the initial sanding and filling completed. It will take a few more rounds to fully be able to move past this issue. 133 more words

Model Airplanes

Getting Sorted Out

With the prototype theme out of the way, my main focus is now shifted to the Warthog Project. The workbench hasn’t been too active the past few days. 165 more words


First Soviet hotrod - pt.2

So… you remember the fit problem of engine exhaust tube from the previous post? Some modellers suggested I should leave it as it is, as the vertical fin will cover the gap (true, but the fuselage diameter would be too big for the exhaust shroud), while most suggested thinning down the fuselage sides and the tube itself. 244 more words

Scale Model


So here is my traditional end of build, “let’s put em’ all together”, post. All four together are interesting in the fact that they all differ in appearance, yet share the most crucial element of flight. 70 more words

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Northrop YF-17A Cobra

There isn’t too much more to write that I haven’t already stated about this kit. We all have our “pig” kits and I am absolutely not immune to that fact. 222 more words

Model Airplanes