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MiG-29 9.13 'Fulcrum-C'; Swifts

Mikoyan MiG-29 doesn’t need a special introduction. One of the most famous (and feared by the West) 4th generation jet fighters in the world, it first flew in 1977 and entered service with Soviet Air Force in 1982. 609 more words


Two More From WWII

With the five current builds at a safer point in construction, I feel comfortable enough to get started with two more builds. The fact that all that I have been building lately is WWII aircraft didn’t alter my choice at all. 264 more words

Model Airplanes

Grenadiers à Cheval de la Garde Impériale (Nappy Cavalry Project Set #19)

I take my hat off to HaT, I think the manufacturer produced an excellent set with these Horse Grenadiers. A few more poses for both horse and riders alike wouldn’t have gone amiss, but the sculpting is excellent. 566 more words


1/72 Valiant WW2 British infantry

So a long while back I was scrambling to find a PIAT team for my 20mm British platoon. I settled on using some Italeri models… 519 more words


British Cavalry Uniforms of the 19th Century: 6th Dragoon Guards

A series of regular blog posts displaying images from “British Cavalry Uniforms of the 19th Century”; a set of trade cards issued by Badshah Tea Co. 98 more words


MiG-29 9.13 Swifts pt.2

Painting is my favorite part of model building and this scheme provided some challenge.

Some dread over painting white, but with Mr.Paint paints, opacity is not an issue – even with the dreaded White. 276 more words

Scale Model

We Have Wings

With every build that I do, the moment the wings are attached is when I really start to get anxious. In a good way. It becomes more real at that point. 306 more words

Model Airplanes