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CF-100 Canuck

The drama that accompanied this build was far from welcomed. Unfortunate events occurred that were beyond my control but the dark cloud that loomed refused to dissipate. 139 more words

Model Airplanes

Scene From a Productive Day at Suburban Militarism...

What a mess! Out of this disorder are emerging more hussars and some Scots Greys. And primed and ready to go are some Italeri British Light Dragoons to the left of shot. 21 more words


A Marder, a Grille, and a church

I finally got around to finishing my 1/72 Marder III H from UM last week. Ages ago it received a base coat of Tamiya Dark Yellow, dulled down and lightened with Deck Tan. 373 more words

Armour Modelling

A Last Hussar...

And finally(!), here are the nearly finished Esci Hussar figures (save for a little work on the horses). I might put them forward for the BFFFWP or otherwise build up a small regiment of both types. 227 more words


Hussars Progress Report

And after some further fiddly painting of these dandy’s dashingly ornate braid, etc… 23 more words


Huzzah for Hussars!

So now I know why I’ve steered clear of attempting to paint hussars in the past. All that intricate gold braiding, outrageous colours and a fancy fur-lined pelisse cast rakishly¬†over the shoulder¬†make for some fiddly painting. 525 more words


HMS Alert pt. 3 (and other stuff)

Only a fairly quick update on HMS Alert tonight, although the reason for the delay in getting on with it will become readily apparent when you get to the second half of the post. 399 more words