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Why did England Betray U.S. After WWI - Ethan's World

Who fought in WWI? Did Canada fight? Did a lot of people fight?

It was a great war. Much of the world fought. Canada fought too. 117 more words


Charles Lee on Artemas Ward and Perpetuating Unreliable 19th Century Sources

The principle basis for insightful and groundbreaking historical inquiry emanates from interpreting copious primary sources supported by facts from well-researched secondary sources.  However, just finding and quoting historical sources is not enough for researchers. 1,341 more words

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Control Of Humanity

Alabama Getaway

Like many another Irishman my spectator sport of choice is politics. So I could not let the results of yesterday’s special election for US Senator… 400 more words



Hydrangeas were first found in Japan but many have been dated back to 40-65 million years ago in North America. They did not appear in Europe till around 1776 when a colonist brought some from North America.


Tessa Chapter Three.

May flew higher and higher into the sky. How did this girl know who Enoch was? Could she really be her sister? The one she’s been looking for? 780 more words

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