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Why Donald Trump Will Succeed as a "Know Nothing" Candidate

At the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787, America’s founding fathers wrestled with how our young nation would govern itself. Those deliberations – shaped by political intrigue and diverse personal agendas – included creation of the government’s executive branch. 708 more words

Class of 2019 University Welcome

Yesterday first- years attended the annual University Welcome, ushering the class of 2019 into the James Madison community. The convocation center was packed with incoming first- years, their FRoG’s (First Year Orientation Guides) and RA’s (Resident Advisers). 108 more words


First- Year Move In!

JMU is up and moving! Today we welcomed in the first bunch of first years to our lovely campus. Aided by Orientation staff and Residence life, first years and their families were quickly able to get moved in and settled into their new residence halls. 17 more words


from Robert Picklesimer: (continuing from Chapter 1 Part 3 of History of the 1787 Constitutional Convention as Presented in 1787 the Musical – We Wrote the Constitution… 67 more words


Evening Landscape by Friedrich von Matthisson

Golden light
Bedecks the grove.
An enchanting twilight gently illuminates
The castle’s o’ergrown ruins.

Still and sublime,
The ocean gleams;
Homeward there glide, gentle as swans, 115 more words


from Robert Picklesimer: (continuing from Part 2) …But then there was Lucinda’s administrative side.

She had worked with other musicals of local theatre groups and schools and had written original music for the University of Illinois Department of Dance, so the first thing she did was to start formatting the play to recognizable standards, then to start allocating time – budgeting time – for the various songs and dialogue scenes. 77 more words