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“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Happy Independence Day, all!  Enjoy any celebrations you might attend, and please be safe.

The quote above is attributed to Benjamin Franklin.  Upon exiting the Constitutional Convention in 1787, he was asked by a bystander what form of government the delegates had created: 75 more words

Rocca Sorrentina, 1787: Italy and the "Grand Tour"

One of my latest adventures took me to the “Rocca Sorrentina, 1787: Italy and the ‘Grand Tour'” located on the “Rocca Sorrentina” sim.  The land description reads, “A fictional 18th century Italian island, interpreting the history of the  Enlightenment  and the era of the baroque, rococo and neo-classical styles; an immersive education experiment by Brown University and the Laboratory for Virtual Arts & Humanities .” 133 more words

Mozart Horn Concerto no. 3 in E flat, K. 447

performed by David Pyatt and the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields under Neville Marriner, or below with Radek Baborák and the RTVE Symphony Orchestra under Jean Jacques Kantorow… 799 more words


Written on a Lady's Fan by Henry James Pye

In ancient times when like La Mancha’s Knight
The adventurous Hero sallied forth to fight,
Some sage Magician famous in Romance
Supplied the Warrior with a wonderous lance, 93 more words


To Miss Sophia Chew, with a Rose-Bud, January 7, 1787 by John Swanwick

This rose bud, my friend, I have found on the floor,
When the music, the dance, and the singing was o’er;
So sweet its appearance, so blooming its hue, 142 more words


The Constitutional Convention, the Electoral College, slavery and the Civil War

Establishment of the Electoral College

Many of our founding fathers had little trust in the instincts of the common man. John Adams observed that “Pure democracy has also been viewed as a threat to individual rights,” and warned against the “tyranny of the majority.” 2,545 more words