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Being 18, and going clubbing :)

so i am 18 now…… so many of my birthdays i did not feel any older but this time its different- maybe because when you are 18 you can do so much more- you can go to clubs, get credit cards,go to jail……the list goes on,its kind of scary when you are suddenly able to do so many new and different things but you also take on a lot more than you think you can handle- one of my interesting experiences was clubbing-wow- i have a lot to say- soooo my friend who is about 20 takes me to a club called “The Moon” i enter the club excited….i am fascinated many people are smoking, drinking, laughing,kissing, and other things….. 476 more words


BenRiach 18 Years Old Albariza ~ 46% (The Benriach Distillery Company Ltd.)

BenRiach 18 Years Old Albariza Speyside single malt scotch whisky 46% ABV, £70 for 70cl Score: 92/100 What they say:

The BenRiach 18 Years Old Albariza is part of the new heavily peated range. 384 more words


Springbank 18 Years Old ~ 46% (Springbank)

Springbank 18 Years Old Campbeltown single malt scotch whisky 46% ABV, ~£90 for 70cl Score: 88/100 What they say:

A rusty copper colour, our 18-year-old is full of authority and is truly a classic, full-bodied dram. 199 more words


Letting My Baby Go

It is inevitable. M1 turned 18 early this year and it is college-bound year. Hubby and I have decided for her to go overseas for a four-year course, letting her go early instead of doing a year or so locally. 43 more words

Growing Up


Welcome to our regular feature, Saturday Snapshot, our opportunity to showcase photos we or friends and family have captured.  The event is now hosted by… 202 more words

Family Connections

5 Things I Wish I Would Have Known at 18

Happy Birthday! You are now 18! You can legally buy . . .cigarettes. But smoking is bad for you, so maybe you shouldn’t. You can go to clubs, though! 446 more words


STOP: Not Interested in Dating

Are you ready for another little tidbit about myself? Alright, well here is the thing. I am almost 19 years old and I have never kissed someone outside of my family. 309 more words