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Friday 23rd November 2007

So it’s Friday night and I’m staying home. I’m bored with nothing to do so I thought I’d type up another diary entry.  There seems to be an uncanny resemblance to me now and to me then!  685 more words


Why is an 18-year-old captaining FC Porto?

By Lucas Arnold

Whilst the latest round of Champions League fixtures have produced the usual headlines – English teams struggling, whilst the Spanish don’t, there was a unusual revelation, Ruben Neves of FC Porto. 415 more words


there is no age to be called an adult

does 18 or 21 years old makes you an adult?

personally, i wouldn’t define the term adult with age, but rather with experience

  • child: innocence
  • teenager: transition
  • adult: experienced


he makes my hands shake

more than they already do

oh my, do they shake and tremble–even when he is not anywhere near

and i do not know if that is a good or a bad thing… 197 more words


"how did you do this to me?" he asks; she laughs and turns away

there’s this boy i know

with fragile lungs and broken ribs

like branches on the forest floor

his heart’s only protection is the skin that is perpetually fading… 141 more words


my five worst habits

i have formed a habit of resulting to sleep aids;

non-habit forming

it’s laughable because everything becomes a habit–at least for me.

I. i saw my father bite his nails once (i tried once) 55 more words