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A Rite of Passage

Imagine being 18 years old, fresh out of school, and forced to serve in the military. All your dreams are put on halt to protect your country from one of the most evil militant groups to date, ISIS… 438 more words

Rob Knox

Rob Knox (August 21, 1989 — May 24, 2008)

Young English actor Robert Arthur Knox seemed to be on the cusp of a promising acting career. 151 more words


OOTD: Whencel @18

What does being 18 mean?

It means I could make your wishes come true…

It means I could be with you.

  • Model: Whencel Cruz
  • Dress: Jewels
  • Shoes: Auroras
Whencel Cruz



So after reading back through some old posts after some friends reminded me that I still had my blogging site, I suddenly was overwhelmed with the sense of how much regret I have in my life. 297 more words

0239 These Walls [25 February 1999]

I am so afraid
To let myself go.
To let others
Behind these walls.

It seems hard
And yet so easy
To let someone
Into my shelter. 40 more words


0238 Does Anyone Care? [18 February 1999]

I am so lonely.
I am within a world
Of a billion people
And still so alone.

Nothing has ever
Seemed like it is. 51 more words


0237 My Love Unknown [18 February 1999]

You seem so attainable,
So ready to be mine.

Then the Fates
Played a trick upon my life.

You had to go away,
Far away from me. 64 more words