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Weekly Ramblings #18 - The Trap Storyboard

This storyboard is based off of a story that my friend wrote for a project we were doing together.

Hope you liked it!


Table Manners

Shirley is a kindergarten teacher. One day, she was teaching her students to how to behave during dinner.

She asks, “James, if you were having dinner with me on a date, how would you tell me that you need to go to the bathroom?” 106 more words


So many things to do...

Life is still interesting when it comes to being a sub. I don’t agree with a lot of what I’m told to do, but I’m assuming that’s because I’m still so used to thinking for myself and not having to listen to orders or commands anymore; until recently. 476 more words


Carta Visa: 32nd Round

Bold: The characters are speaking in English.


Photography in the middle of the desert turned out to be a way more laborious ordeal than I expected. 2,626 more words