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He woke quite suddenly, a tangled mass of limbs and duvet. Oh well he thought, at least he’d slept for once. As he came to, his senses started to kick in. 402 more words


Nemuri Otoko để Koi Otoko [1]

Ai có đọc thì cho tôi xin cái nhận xét đi T.T~ mọi người đừng im lặng như thế  =’)

Myths for Dinner-Chapter 4

Terri’s ears were ringing. For the very first time, since speaking her very first word, the detective found herself speechless. From the mouth of a mythological creature, she heard the name of a (thought to be) long dead naturalist, as a suspect in the murder of multiple other mythological creatures. 934 more words


Fragapane Phobia

I remember my 18th birthday like it was only yesterday. I was super excited. I was finally going to be legal. I heard my driver’s licence calling and my partial freedom knocking, yippeeeee!!! 373 more words


April Mixtape

Hello, internet.

Today is the last day of April 2016. After all the complaining about my midterm, it’s finally time for my mixtape.

As I wrote previously, it has been quite a busy month for me. 162 more words