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Memories of the Civil War

By Stephen Greenberg

Although the American Civil War was not the first armed conflict to be extensively photographed (that dubious distinction belongs to the Crimean War of 1853–1856, where Great Britain and France fought with Russia over control of the Black Sea and access to the Eastern Mediterranean), the conflict between North and South over slavery and states’ rights brought a distinctly American flavor to the use of photography to bring images from the battlefront to the home front. 932 more words



Florence has appeared once before when I spied her tied up at Bayswater Marina, so when Tim Jackson tipped me off that she has just appeared on trademe, I took the opportunity to showcase her in more detail. 191 more words


lipstick (1880)

Think of lipstick (1880) today and most of us will think of expensive cosmetics brands, beautiful women made up to so-called “perfection”. Interestingly, modern women in the West have only been wearing lipstick since just before the 1920s, around the time that many also gained the right to vote. 237 more words


gorilla (1847)

This the word may have entered the English language in Boston in 1847 but its history goes back to 500 BC, in Carthage, North Africa, when an admiral of the city sailed south down the coast of Africa on an expedition. 171 more words


dime novel (1860)

In 1860, the brothers Erastus and Irwin Beadle began publishing and selling their Dime Book Series of books following the success of their ‘Dime Song Book… 156 more words


Jane Austin's House

I have been meaning to post this for ages.  We visited Jane Austin’s house during our staycation.  Even the boys enjoyed this day out, although that may have been because we ended the trip at a quaint village restaurant for a huge feed! 114 more words