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“Our hive is ok but certainly not the best”

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Strapless Dress

“A strapless dress?! How perfectly scandalous!”

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Castle Garden

“They call this place a garden but I don’t see a single plant”

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Clipping: "Two Young Toughs. One Goes to the Rock Pile, the Other to Satan" (1897)

November 18, 1897
An article runs in The Record-Union (Sacramento, California) about 2 “young toughs”

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Epitaph to a Dog

November 18, 1808
Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire, England
Boatswain, Lord Byron’s dog, dies of rabies. Byron reportedly had nursed the dog during his disease without fear of being bitten and infected. 276 more words


Low Low Prices

“I’m sorry sir, I can’t give you a discount on the price of the apples – they are 1 cent each!”

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