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Carnival flirtations - 1840s

I’m in the middle of reading “O Livro de Ouro do Carnaval Brasileiro” [1] by Felipe Ferreira which covers the way in which Brazilians celebrated Carnival throughout the country, though with a focus (thus far) on Rio de Janeiro. 711 more words


Biggest Yawn

“Ssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh I really must start going to bed earlier”

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Just an Ordinary Day

“Instead of taking my baby in a stroller and my dogs for a walk, I take my baby in a cauldron and my bats for a fly. Just an ordinary day.”

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152 Years Ago - Sailing Sunday

152 Years Ago – Sailing Sunday
photo by Daniel Manders Beere ex A. Turnbull Library.

Hard to believe sometimes that we are such a young country & as proof look at the above photo from January 1864, which shows the Queen Street Wharf. 91 more words


An "Accident"

“Oh no, I have absolutely ruined the meat jelly! I do apologize for my clumsiness… Shall we order pizza?”

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Friday Pieday: H

“Rats, I’m going to need you to take the fall for this one – I never can resist a midnight snack”

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