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What if Czar Nicholas II Survived Assassination Attempt? He Might Have Prevented Russian Revolution

One of the most seminal moments in Russian history was the assassination of the reformist Czar Nicholas II (1818-1881), also known as “the liberator” who freed the serfs in 1861, two years before the American slaves were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation. 212 more words


Man thrown from window during a robbery attempt gone wrong

From The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post, Western Countries and South Wales Adviser (Bristol, England)
Published June 18, 1853

In Glasgow, two men got drunk, were invited by some women back to a “low den” (a place of low moral values, including brothels, gambling houses, or seedy bars), where they were given more alcohol until nearly incapacitated. 178 more words

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Man executed by guillotine; reporter describes execution in detail

June 18, 1898
Paris, France
Xavier-Ange Carrara is executed by guillotine for the robbing, murdering, and burning the body of Augustin Lamarre, a collection clerk… 188 more words

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Woman forced into mental facility against her will after openly disagreeing with husband’s views

June 18, 1860
Jacksonville, Illinois
Elizabeth Packard is committed to the Jacksonville Insane Asylum against her will

When the first mental hospital opened in Illinois in 1851, a law was passed which prohibited any patient from being committed against their will without a public hearing to determine their mental health. 292 more words


Children eager for toys stampede at theater, causing 183 deaths

June 16, 1883

Sunderland, England

Children push passed and over each other to get free toys, killing 183 children between 3 and 14

The children had attended a variety show advertising itself as “the greatest treat for children ever given” and featuring “conjuring, talking waxworks, living marionettes, the great ghost illusion, &c.” for the price of one penny a ticket. 1,324 more words



Observatories on the Earths surface are used to make observations in the radio and visible light portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Most optical telescopes are housed within a dome or similar structure, to protect the delicate instruments from the elements. 229 more words