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FLW: don’t mangle my body

Famous Last Words
John Doyle Lee
Meadow Mountains, Utah territory
March 23, 1877

“Center on my heart, boys. Don’t mangle my body.”

In September 1857, a group of emigrants moving west to California were attacked in Mountain Meadows by a group of Native Americans, as well as members of the Church of Ladder Day Saints disguised as Natives. 167 more words


Willy Wonka

“Oh hello Mr. Wonka, you didn’t happen to bring any of your confections with you today, did you?”

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Naval officer dies after being shot in the pelvis during duel

March 22, 1820
Washington, D.C.
Stephen Decatur dies at 41 from injuries sustained during a gun duel

Decatur, a distinguished naval officer, had been challenged by Commodore James Baron after Decatur made disparaging remarks regarding Baron’s conduct during the Chesapeake-Leopold Affair of 1807. 209 more words


The Painted Girls

“No social being is less protected than the young Parisian girl—by laws, regulations, and social customs.”

A review of The Painted Girls, by Cathy Marie Buchanan…

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Viva Cuidad!

Sometimes, we tend to bore our sights from the busy central business districts of Manila that we forget unforgotten places that still preserve the real beauty of the city. 204 more words


Oregon Trail

“Well it turns out we aren’t so good at packing for a long trip”

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Daily Art Fix - Painting of a Weaver - 1800s

Seen on Ebay

An old painting of a weaver? or embroiderer? – somewhere in India

Early-mid 1800s

March 2018

(Source: Ebay)

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