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Textile Timothy

“Time to add a floral pattern to all the fabric in the shop – spring is on its way!”

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Sleep Is For The Week

“Again, from the top! You can go to bed once you’ve perfected this piece and not a minute before”

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A Close Shave

As a Librarian I am constantly coming across interesting books via donations, read a ridiculous amount of book reviews and quickly make decisions based on collection criteria in hopes it will be a highly checked out title of great use or interest to our City’s population. 737 more words


No Tans Here

“I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun, can you dear?”

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Bounding the Land

The city of Zanesville was first founded by Colonel Ebenezer Zane when he was commissioned by the U.S. Congress to form a trail through the dense forests of Ohio and to set up ferry services at any river crossings he encountered. 1,489 more words


I Should Have Known

“I asked you five minutes ago if you had to go and you said no, and now that the bridal procession is about to begin you have to go to the bathroom?!”

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