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"White Nights" & "Eugene Onegin"; Literate Talks

*note; these are obviously the greek editions

September has ended and he (because September is definitely a “he”) took with him a great deal of literature, Russian literature to be exact! 1,095 more words

Book Review


“Goodbye reflection, have a fun day doing whatever you do when I’m not around”

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"Crime and Punishment"; Literate talks

Dostoevsky is one of those authors that you know very well that you can’t do him justice whatever you write and however you write it. Try to add some poetic touch suddenly it becomes too “Pushkin”. 1,386 more words

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Trolley Etiquette - Machado de Assis

Machado de Assis would have turned 178 years old on June 21st. Here’s an etiquette guide he wrote back in 1883. Take note of Article II which sounds like manspreading. 614 more words


Farm Life

“Well, better than herding cats!”

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Early Minnesota Medicine: Staying Healthy on the Frontier

The Minnesota frontier could be a frightening place to have an illness by today’s standards. Travel was slow, medical education was unregulated, and medicines were often limited to what you could make with the plants at hand. 416 more words