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It's a Steal!

“Here’s the house available for rent – furnishings are not included, bathroom is an outhouse out back, and rent comes to $5,000 per month”

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“And now for a real banger to get you out on the dance floor – my cover of “Toxic” by Britney Spears!”

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Victorian Weapons

During the 19th century, swords became less used on the battle field, having being replaced by firearms. However, some swords were still used during this period such as the Gothic Hilted British Infantry Swords and the Short Swords, to name a few. 689 more words

Roscoe Conkling & Herman Melville

It’s easy to forget how many notable people spent part of their lives in New York City. Sure, we New Yorkers think our city is the center of the universe, but we forget how many others through the ages have been of the same opinion. 294 more words

Bon Voyage

“Goodbye! Bon voyage! Enjoy your transatlantic cruise without plumbing!”

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French and English Bills of Fare ~1886

These two menus, or bills of fare, appear to be direct translations – one in French and one in English – demonstrating the corresponding layout for each per the tradition. 47 more words