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Giovanni Fattori

 Pause in the Maremma with Farmers and Ox-cart 1873–75


Felicien Rops - Pornocrates

Pornocrates, Pornokratès, La dame au cochon, or The Lady with the Pig 1878


The Sprinkler Sprinkled (1895): What's So Funny?

A few years ago, the always-enlightening Cracked podcast discussed the changing landscape of American comedy. The hosts talked about “pop culture expiration dates,” and concluded that we decide what’s funny based on a myriad array of contextual features.  365 more words


Civil War Bridge On The Pamunkey

In The American Heritage History of American Railroads by Jensen, this 1862 image shows a bridge under construction. Major General George McClellan of the Union Army brought locomotives and cars by ship from Baltimore and ran trains as close to four miles to the Confederate capital. 98 more words


Autumn Dreams

It is the first day of Autumn here in the States and I’m thrilled! I adore cold weather for it’s warmer more modest fashions. Twice a year I present to you the current fashions with a 19th century twist. 1,126 more words


Wilkins' CDV: "Drunk in Every Town"

Normally I only buy a vintage portrait if the person in the photograph is identified and if the person is famous or infamous. But every once in awhile something else makes a portrait interesting to me. 170 more words

Fort Collins