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An 1805 Sea Quarrel

Part of the Napoleonic Wars (1803-15), the Battle of Trafalgar featured a clash of Franco-Spanish and British fleets off the western mouth of the Straits of Gibraltar. 354 more words


The Battle of Dürnstein - My ancestors in the Napoleonic War

On 11. November, a big battle of the Napoleonic Wars took place in Dürnstein and Loiben in the Wachau in Lower Austria. My Great-Great-Great-Great Grandaunt Barbara Artner was living in Dürnstein (then called “Thirrnstein”) at that time. 1,050 more words

My Ancestors

Reprogramming an 1805-Based Calculator in C

A few weeks ago one of the fellows on the Cosmac Elf mailing list spotted some surplus calculators based on the CDP1805 processor chip.  This is a follow-on to the 1802 with a few extra instructions and a 64 byte onboard ram.   1,386 more words

Ships of the Line: Trafalgar Part 2

Part Two of A Review of Trafalgar Editions’ Game of Nelson’s Epic Battle

by Paul Comben,  Designer:Crisanto Lorente Gonzalez,  Publisher: Trafalgar Editions

Trafalgar has a range of advanced and optional rules designed to add a higher level of detail to the process of an engagement in the Age of Sail.  2,719 more words


The Conversation Starter

A large wooden wheel in our ceiling is the subject of much discussion! 215 more words

Ye Olde Home

Solid Gold Pocket Watch Owned by Civil War Commander, 1805

Solid Gold Pocket Watch Owned by Civil War Commander, 1805

Roskell was one of England’s most famous watchmakers of the 1800s. He started creating masterpieces in Liverpool in 1798 before later moving to London. 18 more words

On this Day in History

On this Day in History in 1805: Lewis and Clark sight Pacific Ocean.