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On this Day in History

On this Day in History in 1805: Lewis and Clark sight Pacific Ocean.

Trafalgar Day

In two previous articles on the Battle of Britain, and the commemoration of Battle of Britain Day on September 15th, I have mentioned Trafalgar Day (October 21st) and opined that there was a danger that Trafalgar Day is fading from our consciousness and that Battle of Britain Day will do likewise. 62 more words


Ye Olde Home

I have learned to respect and love my newfound dwelling. 323 more words

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860. Αία, Άλος, ή Παγασαί;

Αυτή η γκραβούρα του γνωστού περιηγητή Ε. Dodwell με έχει απασχολήσει από καιρό. Τώρα μάλιστα που άρχισε να συζητιέται το http://el.travelogues.gr, ένας καλός  ιστότοπος που συγκεντρώνει πολλές γκραβούρες και σχέδια περιηγητών στην Ελλάδα, αποφάσισα να κάνω την ανάρτηση. 112 more words

The Scandalous Decision To Pickle Admiral Horatio Nelson In Brandy | Atlas Obscura

In the middle of the Napoleonic War, Britain’s most famous naval hero is struck by a fatal musket ball at the very moment of his greatest strategic triumph. 175 more words

United Kingdom

On this Day in History

On this Day in History in 1805: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts established, Philadelphia.