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August 2, 1852

Aug 2d 1852

Monday  Was about house most of the forenoon and this

afternoon have been to work on my traveling

dress again had to let out the front & widen… 289 more words

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A Brief Introduction to the Post Box

As culturally significant as they are practical, the Royal Mail post box is a cherished feature of our streets. With over 85,000 boxes across England, it is likely you pass one every day. 659 more words


July 14, 1852


High water (flood level) mark in canal in Lowell, Massachusetts

Wedns July 14th  Julia came again this morning

but we have not got along very fast… 319 more words

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Doggrel Charm by Sara Coleridge

To a little lump of malignity, on being medically assured that it was not a fresh growth, but an old growth splitting.

Split away, split away, split away, split! 99 more words


June 15, 1852

Recent image of Long Shop 

June 15th  Tuesday  Julia here and I have been sewing

some but have not had much time […] I

t’s very hot weather mother spent the… 276 more words

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June 14, 1852

June 14th

1852 Monday  Am 43 this day quite an old woman

Julia Mahoney came to work on my dresses

Hannah Murphy commenced working for me… 394 more words

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May 26, 1852


Wedns  May 26th  Jane has done part of the ironing  I have

put down the carpet in the front chamber & sitting

room and the bedroom carpet partly down and  418 more words

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