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Bridge of Boats - 1859

Nation 26th February, 1859 p.11


Early this morning, the General, the Duke of Wirtemburgh and Lieutenant-General Scravenmore, with all our horse and dragoons, ten regiments of foot, taking with them seven day’s provisions and fourteen guns; ten three pounders and four twelve pounders, marched over our bridge of boats into the county of Clare.

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Snuff seizure - Galway - 1859

Irish Examiner 2nd December, 1859 p.4    (abridged)

A large seizure of snuff was made on board the steamer Jason yesterday, which arrived from New York on Friday last. 181 more words

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First College Baseball game in 1859. Or was it basketball?

It sounds like a basketball score. In the first college baseball game ever played on July 1, 1859, Amherst defeats their archrival, Williams College, 73-32 (66-32 by some reports). 28 more words

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Goodbye, Electronics

Clouds, as usual! Blocking my view of the June 23rd geomagnetic storm that sent northern lights dancing across the skies as far south as Pennsylvania and Virginia. 168 more words


Oregon Collabeerations for 1859

Illustration by Brandon Loscar

As Ben Dobler, a brewer at Widmer Bros, elucidated: “Some (collaboration beers) play on the strengths of one partner, some play on the strength of both partners, sometimes we take a big leap of faith and try something completely out of our wheelhouses.”


Rock Me to Sleep by Elizabeth Chase Akers Allen (Florence Percy)

Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your flight,
Make me a child again just for tonight!
Mother, come back from the echoless shore,
Take me again to your heart as of yore; 376 more words