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United States 1860 Rework Part B


  • The records being indexed in this project are slave schedules from the 1860 United States federal census.
  • Each batch contains 1 image.
  • Often, the names of the slaves were not listed.
480 more words

Ward's Map of the Moon (1869)

Ward, T.H. 1869; The telescope – a familiar sketch, combining a special notice of objects coming within the range of a small telescope; London


Philips' Mars Map (1865)

Chart of the Planet Mars
John Phillips
Oxford 1862-64
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, v 14, pp 42-46. 1865.
Without grid and names, except for „Land” and „Sea”


Penny Cylopaedia's Map of the Moon (1863)

This map was republished in Josiah Crampton’s The Lunar World – its scenery, motions, etc. Edinburgh, 1863.
Comment: The maps by Messrs. Beer Maedler are the most minutely accurate, but is better adapted for popular use” 21 more words


Proctor's Mars Maps (1865-1892)

Cartographer: R. A. Proctor
Projection: Stereographic


Chart of Mars
R. A. Proctor; using drawings by W. R. Dawes 1864/65
The names like Dawes Sea can be viewed as „the seas in Dawes’ drawing” 709 more words


Comparative map of Earth and Mars (Flammarion 1869)

Published in Camille Flammarion: La Pluralité des Mondes Habités, Paris, 1869. (14th Ed.)
One of the 1st comparative planetological figure.