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The Cause online

A conversation on Twitter led me to look for an online version of the journal Дело (The Cause), which Grigorii Blagosvetlov edited after Русское слово ( 126 more words


“He approaches any enthusiasm with a subtle and polite tinge of irony...”

The generational conflict in Goncharov’s An Ordinary Story (Обыкновенная история, 1847) mostly boils down to

Тогда вы все узнаете, —
Как глуп я прежде был, 1,259 more words

Russian Literature

Justyn Feliksovich “was entirely Russian and did not even consider himself a Pole”

Leskov’s No Way Out (Некуда, 1864 — the book Victoria Thorstensson and I are translating) is a bit like a Dickens novel in that… 550 more words

Russian Literature

Bonawentura Kajetanowicz Chrząrzczkowski

Back in 2013 I was thinking about the use of Ukrainian in Russian literature and how Leskov and Pisemskii dealt with dialogue between Ukrainian and Russian characters. 713 more words

Russian Literature

Promissory notes

The вексель ‘(promissory) note’ comes up in at least three contexts in Russian books, one of which might be distinctively Russian:

1. Russians traveling to Western Europe would hold векселя, or have them sent from Russia, instead of carrying large amounts of cash. 889 more words

Russian Literature

Poetry where you least expect it

Guess where this is from:

Иль, может быть, она оттуда видит и читает?
Иль, может быть, не сны одни мне снятся,
а в самом деле, для нее не нужны двери, 711 more words

Russian Literature