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“The Ikimsky Family”

In the afterword to “The Old Man” (Старик, 1857), I said the story was different from other things written by Russian women of the time: it had a first-person female narrator and no escape plot ( 829 more words

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Engelgardt in Russian and English, story by story

Below is a list of works by Sof’ia Vladimirovna Engel’gardt (1828-1894, a.k.a. Sophie Engelhardt, pseudonym Ol’ga N., in Russian Софья Владимировна Энгельгардт, Ольга Н., Ольга N.). 1,677 more words

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A ray of light

…or rather Луч света, from Dobroliubov’s “A Ray of Light in the Kingdom of Darkness” (Луч света в темном царстве, 1860), is a blog I just found out about that started in fall 2015. 107 more words


“Even more fallen than all the other fallen women...”

At the end of Ivan Goncharov’s “The Precipice” (Обрыв, 1869), the theme of women — married, unmarried, or widowed, rich, poor, or in between, slave or free — having sex with men they weren’t at that moment married to gets even more prominent than it… 743 more words

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