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Mme de Genlis and the Annals of Virtue

Between episodes of Ol’ga N.’s “It Didn’t Come Off” (Не сошлись, 1867) I want to highlight a point Alex K. made in a comment and further developed… 488 more words

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It Didn't Come Off: A Novella

I really enjoyed translating an Ol’ga N. (Sophie Engelhardt) story in this space last summer, and I think I’ll do another, again a few hundred words at a time. 121 more words


Words new to me: пахитоска

This in context clearly means something like a cigarette:

I realized how awkward I had been, got embarrassed, and muttered something. Elena gave a short laugh.

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Words new to me: мурмолка

murmolka was a men’s hat like the one in this 1890s painting. (There’s a very nice gallery of them here.) A Wikipedia contributor helpfully… 406 more words

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