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The First "Called Balls" in Nashville, Oct. 1866

“Called balls” were introduced (at the umpire’s discretion) into the National Association rule book for the 1863 season*, but this new rule did not apparently disseminate at the same pace throughout the nation. 139 more words

Poetic Epitaph from 1866 – Quote

This was found on a grave marker. It’s a tribute to the woman whose tombstone had this engraved upon it, and to the woman who lies in this crypt. 75 more words


150th Anniversary of the Oaks Colliery Disaster

Oaks Colliery Disaster 1866-2016

December 2016 will mark 150 years since the Oaks Disaster in which over 360 miners died.

A series of historical research and commemorative projects will be taking place as we approach the date: 288 more words


August 10 in San Antonio history...

World War I – 1915
Six U.S. Cavalrymen were fired upon near Mercedes, Texas today by Mexican raiders.  One Mexican was killed.  None of the troopers was reported hurt.   127 more words


Armor Chamber Fantasy , Zırh Odası Hayali , 1866 Ressam Adolph Friedrich Menzel

Armor Chamber Fantasy , Zırh Odası Hayali , 1866 Ressam Adolph Friedrich Menzel

1861 yılında Kayzer William I Prusya Kralı olarak taç giyme törenini resmetmesi için Menzel saraya çağırılır. 102 more words