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The Eustace Diamonds

The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope, 4/5

Think Pride and Prejudice in reverse, minus the likeable characters and written by a man.  I loved it!  There was lots of gold digging, emotional manipulation, proposals of marriage, retractions of proposals of marriage, thievery and lies, all presented with the quaint respectability that permeates 19th-century British literature. 19 more words

Book Reviews

Exceptional Excerpts: The Belly of Paris #3 by Émile Zola

There are so many wonderful passages in Le Ventre de Paris that I am joining Jonathan and posting an excerpt. This is only part of the lengthy, but interesting, description of Gavard. 295 more words

Émile Zola

Hotel Central

Built: 1873
Address: 90-108 Princes Street
Architects: Mason & Wales
Builders: Wood & Steinau

Since the demolition of its northern neighbour in the 1980s, the facade of 100-108 Princes Street has come to a slightly raggedy end, and the off-centre word ‘Hotel’ has looked a bit peculiar without the word ‘Central’ that once followed it. 1,585 more words


The past's future

Two Centuries Hence.

Scene–Library in the house of an elderly gent, somewhere in Australia.  Old gent telegraphs to the kitchen, and waiter ascends in a balloon.    131 more words

Good Old-fashioned Jokes

Chicago Millinery History: The Inter-State Exposition of 1873.

The Inter-State Industrial Exposition was held in an elaborate exhibition hall constructed in 1873, on the east side of Michigan Ave. It was torn down for the 1893 construction ultimately of the Art Institute. 573 more words

Chicago Millinery History