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Leonard Medical School students.

James Arthur Cotton appears in Leonard Medical School‘s 1888-’89 catalog with a notation that he done his collegiate studies at Saint Augustine’s College. (Perhaps he did not finish, as the… 31 more words

City Of Wilson

1911: Autumn Leaves

From the December 9, 1911 issue of The Outlook:

A number of years ago I was invited to visit a friend who lived at a large and beautiful country-seat on the Hudson.

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1882: A Singular Event

I am obliged to record in my journal of this date (April 16, 1882) a singular event which I am forced to believe because of the overwhelming evidence.

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1886: The Strike

Robert Koehler: The Strike (1886)

The Strike spoke to issues of urgent concern on both sides of the Atlantic—issues that remain timely even today. From the painting’s debut and initial reception against a fevered background of seething ferment among industrial workers, it acquired an increasingly transnational aura as it traveled back and forth between the United States and Europe at a time when activists on both continents, such as August Bebel in Germany and Eugene Debs in America, were energizing socialist politics and the industrial labor movement.

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Found Yet Lost

I went to a very nice book sale last weekend and…accidentally bought a book I already had. This is what comes of buying books and then not reading them. 442 more words


1881: Tintagel

William Trost Richards: Tintagel (1881)