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Bowl 'em down baseball: 1880s

Definitely a fit for the opening of baseball season, this extremely rare American toy was found in a flea market in England, stored for more than a century in its original box. 71 more words


Carrie A Nation The Famous and Original Bar Room Smasher

“Well behaved women rarely make history!” ┬áThere are examples of woman who have been and are current movers and shakers in society. ┬áThere was one, many have forgotten who headed the temperance movement at the end of the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth centuries named Carrie A. 371 more words


Manhattan Cocktail vs. the Manhattan

The Manhattan Cocktail that’s being served today is quite a different recipe from its former glory days of the late nineteenth century. The cocktail in it’s original first appeared in books such as how to mix drinks as well as Harry Johnson’s 1882 Bartenders Manual. 166 more words

Daddy-o's Martinis

Enrolment of Deaf Girls at St Mary's between 1846 and 1902

Lisa Carroll narrates this video on the enrolment of Deaf girls at St Mary’s, on the public enrolment register. (Note, this does not include the enrolment of private pupils, so the total enrolment would be larger.)

Pre-oral Times

Historic Photo: Altmarkt Square, Dresden, Germany, 1881.

MOAR historic photos! This one, another chromolithograph, is a very interesting view of the Altmarkt, the main central square in Dresden, Germany. I found several copies of this photo online (it’s in the public domain), and they give various dates for it; some say 1900, which was when a lot of these chromolithographs were made, but a faint etching on the bottom of the picture identifies it as having been taken in 1881. 215 more words