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Brenner's Maps of Mars

Map of Mars 1894

Leo Brenner (Spiridon Gopčević)
Lussinpiccolo observations 1894
Astronomische Nachrichten  137/3288 1895.

Map of Mars 1896

Leo Brenner (Spiridon Gopčević)
Lussinpiccolo observations 1896… 25 more words


Ball's Chart of Mars (1892)

“This map represents the surface of Mars on the stereographic projection. It has been compiled (with only two exceptions, where, as shown by Mr. Knobel in 1884, the balance of evidence appears to incline otherwise) from Mr. 307 more words


Brockhaus Moon map, 1898

Brockhaus, F.A. 1894-1898; Brockhaus’ Konverzations Lexikon; Leipzig/Berlin/Wien

Image and text courtesy of Ton Lindemann.


Antoniadi’s Globe Géographique de la Planéte Mars

1884 edition:
Cartographer: E. Antoniadi after Camille Flammarion
Publisher: E. Bertaux, Editeur, Paris, 1884
Reference: Exhibited at Science Museum, London

1897 edition:
Cartouche:  “d’aprčs Camille Flammarion par E: Antoniadi” 12 more words