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Rivers Have No Effect on Tornado Tracks

The Kansas City NWS office posted this image showing that rivers have no measurable effect on tornado tracks.

The case for St. Louis reminded me that one of the worst tornado disasters in US history occurred when a tornado tracked through St. 213 more words


Watermelon Eating Contest (1896)

Of all the movies I’ve reviewed for this blog, this one may be the most difficult for modern viewers to accept. Even “The Birth of a Nation… 191 more words


Inventor Edison Sketched by World Artist (1896)

“Lightning sketches” that showed an artist at his work during the short running time of the early motion picture camera were a common format for movies in 1896. 200 more words


Shooting the Chutes (1896)

The Edison company was a bit of a Johnny-come-lately when it comes to making Actuality films. The Lumiére Brothers had gotten in ahead of them in 1895, and when… 171 more words


The Execution of Mary Stuart (1895) / The Haunted Castle (1896) - Double Review

We embark upon our journey through the History of Horror Movies.

I see no better place to begin this adventure than at the infancy of the genre.   1,183 more words


The Kiss (1896)

Alternate Titles: “The May Irwin Kiss,” “The John C. Rice – May Irwin Kiss,” “The Rice – Irwin Kiss,” “The Widow Jones.

This is a medium… 433 more words


Amy Muller (1896)

I can find out very little about this Edison short; I’m not even certain whether it was originally shot for the peep-hole viewing of the… 109 more words