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Chop Suey

Do you like Chinese food? Well today on August 29th we celebrate Chop Suey Day.

Legend has it that, while visiting New York City, Chinese Ambassador Li Hung Chang’s cooks invented the dish for his American guests at a dinner on August 29, 1896. 337 more words

Fascist Italy, Adowa and the Conquest of Abyssinia

by toritto

Most folks know of fascist Italy’s conquest of Ethiopia in the 1930’s. The conquering of Abyssinia was greeted in Rome with wild celebration culminating in Il Duce’s famous balcony speech from the Palazzo Venezia – “I have given you empire!”. 1,288 more words


Henry & Polly: Savannah's singing parrots---1896

I imagine the article featured in this post caught the eye and captured the imaginations of many of our ancestors who read it when it appeared back in 1896. 376 more words


Derivation of Planck's radiation law - part 2

In the first part of this blog (here), I described how experimenters at the Physikalisch-Technische Reichsanstalt (PTR) determined the true spectrum of blackbody radiation during the 1890s, By the year 1900, primarily by the work of Heinrich Rubens, Ferdinand Kurlkbaum, Ernst Pringsheim and Otto Lummer, the complete spectrum, from the ultraviolet through the visible and into the infrared, was known for the very first time. 459 more words


Cupid’s Birth by Rupert Charles Wulsten Bunny

At Cupid’s birth, Joy left the bounds of space,
And, heeding not the stars, flew fast to earth,
To hold the hearts of men in warm embrace, 87 more words


July 26 in San Antonio history...

The Ursuline Convent is now being thoroughly repainted in every part and all panels, walls, lintels and doors nicely grained. Such treatment of the entire building will do much to spark it up. 48 more words