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New Music's Always Nice

Really brief post today, simply because I’ve been wracking my brain for topics, and all I can think is that I got some new music this week, and all I really want to do is listen to it over and over (my approach to music typically consists of completely immersing myself in whatever the latest thing is that I’ve decided I like enough to own, and then I listen to only that… 738 more words

CLE Rocks NYE!

Wander past Cle Clothing Co. on Euclid Ave. and you may hear a familiar 19 Action News voice talking about the big party:

CLE Rocks NYE underwent it’s inaugural season last year, and it’s back again.   83 more words


Reflection of diversity in newsrooms


Diversity is a broad term. There is diversity of thought, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, etc. There are unique individuals all over the world. 3,186 more words

Feature: Romona Robinson


Eight-time Emmy Award winner Romona Robinson is the 5, 6 & 11pm 19 Action News Anchor.

Romona is one of the most respected and admired journalists in Northeast Ohio. 245 more words

“Knock That White Boy Out!” Juvi-Thugs Film Assault On Veteran

This is from The Black Sphere.

More sons of Obama attack a white veteran.

They know that people in Cleveland has very limited rights to self defense by being  able to conceal carry. 276 more words

WOIO's Tony Zarrella 'Likes How Michael Sams Embraces" Being The First Openly Gay Player

Tony Zarrella, the sports director at 19 Action News and host of Tailgate 19, came on the air this morning to talk about Michael Sams and if his teammates already knew he was gay and how coming out effects his draft stock. 35 more words


Breaking: Cavs Fire General Manager Chris Grant

Sources tell 19 Action News that the Cleveland Cavaliers have fired General Manager, Chris Grant.

The Cavaliers have had a dismal first half of the season with a record of 16 wins and 33 losses. 14 more words