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Map: Detroit Business Investment and Streetcar Lines 1915

This map comes from the Library of Congress and depicts both the growth of industry and rail transit in Detroit. In the early days of streetcar development, real estate developers funded new rail lines to be able to link their new developments to other city amenities. 10 more words


A Storm at Sea (1900)

This short from Edison illustrates the ongoing challenge of finding new and dramatic subjects for early movies. In this instance, a sea-crossing, probably with the intention of shooting movies for American audiences in Europe, was interrupted by bad weather and the Edison team decided to shoot that, with minimal preparation. 377 more words


Watermelon Contest (1900)

This film is either a deliberate remake of the 1896 movie “Watermelon Eating Contest” or else an unintentional return to a theme seen as “natural” in American cinema. 249 more words


Capture of Boer Battery by British (1900)

This is a reenactment of a current event, released by Edison Studios with a strong advertising campaign that suggested exhibitors were getting the real thing. It shows the growing importance of action and dramatic tension in early film. 363 more words


The Kiss (1900)

This was released as an admitted remake of the original “The Kiss,” starring May Irwin and John C. Rice. It was far less controversial in its time, but… 350 more words


Bodybuilder nők az 1900-as évekből

A „gyengébbik nem” testépítő képviselőinek tevékenysége lázas vitáknak ad terepet a mai napig, de mára egyre több sportos testalkattal bíró nő teljesedik ki ebben a sportágban és küzd a többségi társadalom elfogadásért, több vagy kevesebb sikerrel. 287 more words


Faith & the Texas Lawyer

September 8, 1900 – The storm considered to be the deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history

Galveston after the September 8, 1900, hurricane. Texas State Library photo… 683 more words

Western Romance