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Is this really the progenitor of the modern sports saloon?

In the early 1960s, the average British driver on an average income would have ended up with a leaf-sprung wheezer, comfortable maybe, but hard-pushed cruising above 70 on expanding and unrestricted motorways, a handful in a panic stop and an entertainment-free and potentially scare-laden prospect on corners. 1,602 more words

Was Then ...

Take a trolley ride through a vanished world...Manhattan in 1900! [video]

After coming across the footage I posted yesterday of a ride through the streets of Los Angeles in the late 1940s, I decided to see what similar videos I could dig up that go back even farther. 224 more words


"Discipline" in a Rural Texas School, 1900

My grandfather, G.M.C. Massey, started teaching in 1900, when he was 20. In his memoirs written 60 years later, he described this early teaching experience that earned him a reputation as a disciplinarian. 1,324 more words