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The Mystery of Nell Cropsey, Part II

Early the next morning, the town began to search for Nell. At first, some people speculated Nell and Jim eloped, but this was quickly disproven when the police interviewed the young man at his parents’ home. 877 more words

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The June Deluge Of 1903

By Paul Homewood 


Yesterday I mentioned the monster deluge that hit London in June 1903. Wanstead Meteo, who keeps track of weather history in that part of the world, wrote this post last year, which offers some fascinating insights:  … 413 more words

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In 1903, It Was Weather!

By Paul Homewood 




It seems they had plenty of rain in 1903!

Not only was October the wettest month recorded in England & Wales since 1766, London suffered unprecedented downpours and floods in June, as Philip Eden explained in 2003: 447 more words

Climate Change

UK Record Rainfall In 1903

By Paul Homewood




We keep being told by climate geniuses that global warming has caused more extreme rainfall.

That no doubt explains why the wettest month recorded in the England & Wales Precipitation Series, which goes back to 1766, was October 1903, when 218mm fell. 869 more words

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Silent Film: The Great Train Robbery (1903)

As film technology was being born at the turn of the twentieth century, Westerns were already wildly popular as dime novels. Appealing to mass audiences, they had a set of stock situations which were endlessly repeatable and yet had endless variety. 214 more words

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A Ghost Report from the Indianapolis Journal on June 24, 1903

A New York ghost — with a backstory involving an enchanted well — takes a terrible toll on those who see her.

Spectral Edition ~ Ghosts Reports In U.S. Newspapers, 1865-1918

Lady at Eden Concert , 1903 Ressam Pablo Picasso , Blue Period

Lady at Eden Concert , 1903 Ressam Pablo Picasso , Blue Period

Resim Pablo Picasso’nun “Blue Period” Mavi Dönem resimlerinden biridir. Hüzünlü Mavi Dönem, Picasso’nun daha çok depresif resimler yaptığı bir dönemdir. 229 more words