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A Ghost Report from the Pettysburg Journal on May 28, 1903

J.K. Klinghardt hanged himself in a woods in Crawford Couty, Ohio. Afterward, Horace Burger built his daughter and son-in-law a cottage near that woods.

Klinghardt’s ghost haunted that cottage — and local officials investigated. 48 more words

Spectral Edition: Ghosts In U.S. Newspapers (1865-1918)

The Great Train Robbery (1903)

Directed by Edwin S. Porter

Evaluating such historically significant and celebrated films such as The Great Train Robbery is a difficult task. As someone viewing the film over a century after the film was first seen by audiences who, at that time, were not yet accustomed to the art form of moving pictures, it is difficult to place my own perspective into that of a 1903 audience member, hard as I may try. 756 more words


Move On (1903)

This short actuality from Edison Studios shows the street-life of New York at the turn of the century, although some parts of it may have been performed for the camera. 340 more words


The Gay Shoe Clerk (1903)

This is a classic example of voyeurism in early film, but note that the term “gay” had no connection to same-sex eroticism at the time. It fits in with the general run of work that… 393 more words


On this day: the first Tour de France

The winner of the 1903 title.

The first Tour de France bike race began in Montgeron on the 1st of July, 1903.

Created to promote the publication… 59 more words


1903 is cool AF – and this Harley Davidson Café is about to win every marketing award

by Tieja MacLaughlin

1903 is the year Harley-Davidson was founded.

It’s also the name of Toronto’s coolest new pop-up coffee shop, located at 96 Ossington Ave. 308 more words

June 15 in San Antonio history...

The San Antonio Public Library opens in the Carnegie-funded building on Market Street (right).

The cornerstone is laid at the new post office, designed by Paul Cret who also designed the tower and main building at the University of Texas. 29 more words