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A History Of Ecstasy

we throw the
expression ‘ecstasy’
around pretty easily….

You see it in
movie posters,
comic books,
social media, etc,
like it’s really not that… 441 more words

Bertrand Russell - The Principles of Mathematics

A book in which Bertrand Russell proved, for the first time, that 1 + 1 = 2.

…and he’ll still be going, and still be relevant (in quite a different way) in the 60s. 23 more words


June 15 in San Antonio history...

The San Antonio Public Library opens in the Carnegie-funded building on Market Street (right).

1918 – World War I
The forty-five “conscientious objectors,” recently convicted at Camp Travis on charges of refusing to wear the army uniform and sentenced to twenty-five years in prison, have been delivered to the federal penitentiary at Fort Leavenworth. 32 more words


The Iroquois Theater Fire

A bit of a grim story today, though it is perhaps illustrative of the golden age of Vaudeville. Just after Christmas 1903, comedian Eddie Foy was starring in a sold-out matinee performance of a musical comedy, “Mr. 129 more words


Postcard: Hotel Belvedere

Now and then I’ll be sharing another way of getting a glimpse of the Maryland that came before us — through postcards. 330 more words


Edwin S. Porter - The Great Train Robbery

The revolution in sound recording is obviously the main focus of this site – but as far as a standard history of popular culture is concerned, the 1900s are better-remembered for the beginnings of the film industry – not yet started in Hollywood, but already beginning to differentiate this century from the last. 128 more words


Elsewhere in 1903

Orville Wright flies an aircraft with a petrol engine at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in the first documented, successful, controlled, powered, heavier-than-air flight

The first Tour De France is won by Maurice Garin… 154 more words