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Man Bites Dog - and Tsonga

I’m writing this while watching French Open men’s quarterfinals. One match on RDS, the Tsonga Dhoweveryouspellhisname match and the other on TSN. I’m pulling for the underdogs, of course. 387 more words

1910 Women

Holiday Musings

I posted a draft of my ebook Biology and Ambition a few days ago and within minutes the Googlebot came around and it was available on Google, second when a person enters Biology and Ambition. 281 more words

1910 Women

Love Letters and the Epistolary Form

I’ve posted my first draft of Biology and Ambition, the follow up to Threshold Girl and Diary of a Confirmed Spinster, which is finished but not yet posted as this book requires a lot of typing and I’m injured. 313 more words

1910 Women

Teacher's Little Helpers

Well, as I write Diary of a Confirmed Spinster, the follow up to Threshold Girl I wonder if I am being too harsh on Edith Nicholson, the heroine of  the Spinster story, as I make her an opium addict. 361 more words

1910 Women

Who was this Miss Barbara Wiley?

Miss Wiley under arrest, from a puzzle.

Who is this Miss Barbara Wiley, who took a tour of Canada in 1912, on behalf of Emmeline Pankhurt’s WSPU and who converted Edith Nicholson, my husband’s great aunt, to the cause of militantism? 629 more words