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The Greatest Showman

Before the internal combustion engine took over as the dominant technology, early vehicles were powered by all sorts of stuff. Electric – weirdly – was widely used (so things are coming full circle and perhaps Tesla aren’t that revolutionary after all), as was steam, which featured in everything from small(ish) runabouts to enormous tractors, or ‘traction engines’. 70 more words


Lady Jane


Lady Jane has appeared on WW before  links below. Now thanks to trademe (via Ian McDonald) we get an another view & a peek down below. 203 more words


Pastime Press: Shoeless Joe Jackson and the WWI draft, Chicago Tribune/Sporting News 1918/1919

100 years ago, 1919, as is well known to classic baseball fans, was the season of the infamous Black Sox Scandal. As an interesting preface to that startling development, there was an earlier “scandal” that had already cast Joe Jackson in a bad light with many baseball fans. 722 more words


Messenger Lassiter run over.

Wilson Times, 11 February 1919.

Messenger “boy” Dempsey Lassiter was in fact more than 40 years old in 1919.

City Of Wilson