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A ricordo dei Volontari Ciclisti Automobilisti

You may remember the picture I’ve chosen this year to illustrate Italy’s entry in war. Today’s photo is linked to it as it shows a plaque dedicated to the fallen of the Volontari Ciclisti Automobilisti. 23 more words


Stephen Warner Diaries, Volume I, August 1915

Monday August 2, 1915

“hurry up old chappie, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up old chappie, hurry up, HURRY UP – this is chanted in a kind of  a sing-song by the Canadians when they are waiting for something and are getting impatient” 475 more words


Children of the Age (1915)

I stumbled across this Evgeni Bauer film while looking for media on “Child of the Big City” – someone has uploaded an Italian translation to Wikimedia Commons with the wrong title in English and Russian! 823 more words


The grave of Carlo Bazzi

Let’s go back to the Cimitero Monumentale of Milan (after all, it’s only 1 km from home…), with this grave of Carlo Bazzi, a hero of the Great War. 122 more words


1 August 1915 - Max Immelmann scores first victory

Max Immelmann of FAb 62 scored his first victory today in Fokker EI (E5/15). His victim was Lieutenant William Reid of 2 Squadron flying alone in a BE2c (1662) on a bombing mission. 111 more words


Tone, McManus, O'Donovan Rossa, and the Memory of the Dead

Today, August 1st 2015, is the centenary of the interment of the body of Fenian leader Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa in Glasnevin Cemetery, an event which was designed to act as the inciting incident that fueled the Irish revolution and the Proclamation of the Irish Republic less than a year later. 1,801 more words

2nd August 1915 (Monday)

(RE)-BORN TODAY: The 2nd (Royal Naval) Brigade of the British Royal Navy.


Society and Culture:

~ for the British Summer Bank holiday, not yet moved from the beginning of August to the end, trippers from the industrial west Midlands are enduring a dismal day in Worcestershire: 256 more words

100 Years Ago Today