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Remembrance by Theresa Breslin


Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s 1915. The first world war has swept through the country, chasing drastic changes into the lives of 5 teenagers in their quiet village in Scotland. 410 more words

Key Events in the News Five Years Ago

During the opening months of the war in the fall of ’14, military leaders on both sides were confident that the war would be concluded before Christmas. 896 more words

August 28 in San Antonio history...

Pope Pius IX creates the San Antonio Catholic diocese as part of the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

Temple Beth–El is dedicated across Jefferson from Travis Park. 27 more words


Cartoons on Tour

Directors: Raoul Barré & Bill Nolan
Release Date: August 18, 1915

‘Cartoons on Tour’ is an entry in Raoul Barré’s and animator Bill Nolan’s’Animated Grouch Chaser’ series. 282 more words

Black And White Films

Film News from European Capitals

Paris, August.

An enormous business has been done at a great many Kinema theatres in Paris in the last three weeks with a film called “Photoplay Without Words.” The reason of the special attraction of this film lies in the offer made by the Universal Film Company to give fifty dollars to the person who will find the appropriate title for this film, and of course Kinema managers are booming the offer of fifty dollars. 1,495 more words


Chi ha orecchie da udire, oda

Con questo vieto versetto della Scrittura non vogliamo fare da Geremia, né da Cassandra, perché, come il gran veglio antico e la remota sacerdotessa di Apollo, saremmo inascoltati; e tanto meno vogliamo fare dell’ottimismo uso Voltaire. 831 more words

Cinema Muto