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9 January 1917 - Feline intuition

Yesterday, the HMS Ben-my-Chree left Port Said to work with a French naval squadron on a reconnaissance patrol of the coast of Asia Minor. She was ordered to operate from the Island of Kastelorizo, which is situated less than a mile from the mainland. 225 more words



If you had lived hundreds of years ago, what kind of work do you think you would have done? What job would you have wanted to do? 149 more words

300 Writing Prompts

Writing: Act I is giving me trouble...

While I was on vacation over Christmas, I took an opportunity to review all of my notes for the actual events of the Uprising and to organize the events into some preliminary scene summaries. 455 more words


Video: A 5 minute history of the battle of the Somme

In this video I give an overview of the battle of the Somme – Britain’s deadliest battle. The battle raged from July to November 1916. I’m not a Somme expert but I hope this will give you a basic understanding of why and how the battle was fought.

British Army

16/1/1917 Richthofen becomes the Red Baron

The war above the trenches has a high attrition rate among the men flying the aeroplanes for each side. As a result, promotions come fast, with simple survival often being sufficient grounds for achieving a position of authority. 222 more words

First World War

Is Ireland The World's First Virtual State?

It was late 2015, and Ireland’s celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising were already starting to bore me into homicidality, and this was largely before a self-congratulatory ball had been kicked. 876 more words

Behold Aherlow: Excerpts

Aherlow Through Time

There are many variations of the name Aherlow: Atherloe, Ahirloe, Aherla, Arlo and some others. However, ask any local what or where is Aherlow and, without hesitation, you will be told that it is that part of the united parishes of Galbally in county Limerick, and Aherlow in county Tipperary. 417 more words

Behold Aherlow