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1916 Freedom Tour

This tour takes you to key battle locations for the 1916 Uprising. I know I don’t usually recommend tours, but by all accounts this seems to have great revues and if you’re traveling in Ireland this commemorative year, I’d recommend giving it a go. 26 more words


Windy Corner, Jutland, 1916

Windy Corner, Jutland, 1916. Oil on canvas by William Henry Bishop. In collection of National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth.

Royal Navy

31/5/1916 Jutland: the fleets collide

In the North Sea to the west of Jutland the British battlecruiser squadron under Admiral Beatty is running north, hotly pursued by the main German fleet. 275 more words

First World War

31/5/1916 Jutland: "There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today"

The German fleet puts to sea, hoping to catch a portion of the British fleet at a disadvantage. Unfortunately for the Germans, the British have cracked their radio code and know that something is up. 249 more words

First World War

31/5/1916 Verdun: Falkenhayn's big brother seizes the Mort Homme

The carnage at Verdun continues. On the east bank abortive French counterattacks have failed to recapture Fort Douaumont. On the west, the Germans continue to apply the pressure. 146 more words

First World War

Cooper, Harry. Died 31st May 1916

Harry Cooper was born on 30th January 1899 and baptised at St Paul’s Church, Foleshill on 20th December, later the same year. His parents John Cooper and Sarah Ann Finch had been married at the same church on 28 August 1898. 309 more words



I am just waiting to be relieved now. Everything is packed up. We are being relieved by an English Company. I am returning to Company headquarters today and going to Railhead tomorrow, and then away at some date to be fixed. 179 more words