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29/9/1916 Romania pushed back in Transylvania

Romania’s entry into the war on the side of the Allies continues to look like a terrible mistake. With Russian help, the Romanians have managed to stop Mackensen’s German-Bulgarian thrust along the coast towards the port of Constanza. 142 more words

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25 September 1916 - Wintgens killed

Early Fokker Monoplane pilot and the first man to shoot down an enemy aircraft using a synchronization gear, Kurt Wintgens, was killed today.

He was on patrol in his Fokker E.IV with his friend Walter Höhndorf. 78 more words


September 28 in San Antonio history...

A new signal, an electric horn, which will warn pedestrians and vehicles of approaching fire-fighting apparatus, has been ordered on the recommendation of City Electrician Claude Convers and will be installed by him at the corner of Commerce and St. 159 more words


24 September 1916 – A night of mixed fortunes

One of the largest attacks so far was carried out overnight on England. Twelve German Navy Zeppelins (L13, L14, L17, L21, L22, L23, L31, L32 and L33 attack Nottingham, Grimsby and London killing 40, injuring 130, and causing widespread damage. 425 more words


27/9/1916 The Somme: the British finally secure Thiepval

At the Somme, the British are attacking the German-held village of Thiepval. Yesterday they occupied much of the village, including its ruined chateau. Now in brutal fighting they manage to secure the rest of Thiepval, which was to have fallen on the battle’s… 113 more words

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27/9/1916 Abyssinian intrigues

Abyssinia is the only country in Africa that has successfully resisted colonisation. The current emperor is the young Iyasu V. Iyasu as yet remains uncrowned but this is not stopping him from pursuing some interesting new policies. 293 more words


26/9/1916 The Somme: British troops press on into Thiepval

Yesterday the British and French launched a major new offensive on the Somme, succeeding in capturing many German positions. Early this morning they manage to drive the German hold-outs from a position known as the Gird Trench. 152 more words

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