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Easter Rising Commemoration

One-hundred and one years ago, Irish Nationalists seized the GPO in Dublin and proclaimed an Irish Republic. They held out for five days before being forced to surrender by British Army troops. 115 more words

Training At Serapeum,

The yellow banks of the Suez Canal were sketched by masts of Arab fishing craft, clusters of wind swept trees and waving palms.   A sparse collection of small brick and timber buildings sat like modern blocks of defiance in the hot ancient sands.  686 more words

World War 1

The Battle Of Somme

PART 1: (Fiction)

They Say War is Hell, Well, They Got That One Right.        

June 26th 1916 (Three days before “going over the top.”)

“Watch your footing here lads, it’s a bit muddy.” Sergeant O’Roke… 2,948 more words


2 October

Have received two parcels from you the last couple of days. One containing socks by the half dozen and a Printer’s Pie, and the other was more socks and a knife. 250 more words


23 September

Received your letters of 28 July yesterday. You seem to have had a good time on Australia Day. I ran across one of the Haywards here yesterday. 485 more words


The Silence by Reginald James Godfrey

This is indeed a false, false night;
There’s not a soldier sleeps,
But like a ghost stands to his post,
While Death through the long sap creeps. 46 more words


Easter Rising

1916 The Irish Rebellion, narrated by Liam Neeson, tells the story of the 1916 Easter Rising, when actors, poets, teachers and socialist workers took on the British Empire.