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27/10/1916 Segale: Ras Tafari cements his control of Abyssinia

In Abyssinia, a group of nobles have overthrown Emperor Iyasu V. Iyasu had been courting his Muslim subjects in the east of the empire, but there were rumours that he was intent on making Islam the state religion of the mostly Christian country. 211 more words

First World War

Pre-Race Jitters

I can’t sleep. I close my eyes and wait patiently for sleep to ease me into a world of magic and miracles, but nothing happens. I am left to stare into the darkness at the back of my eyelids. 596 more words


'Putting Shackles on a Free People' - the Conscription Debate

On 31 August 1916, Prime Minister Billy Hughes announced his intention to hold a referendum on conscription.

The question to be put to the people on 28 October was: 394 more words

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25 October 1916 - Naval Eight

Such is the desperation for pilots and aircraft on the Western Front that the RFC had made an urgent request to the Admiralty for assistance. 95 more words


24 October 1916 - "Air Board Failures"

Following Lord Curzon’s report on the Air Board yesterday, The Times published a leading article on the subject today:

“Those who are best qualified to judge of the working of the Board are unanimous that there has as yet been no real solution of the ancient rivalry between its naval and its military representatives.

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"Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff": Thoughts on "Remembering Past Futures"

Yesterday┬áI attended the final lecture of UCC’s School of History’s Irish Revolution Series. This lecture, titled “Remembering Past Futures: Commemoration and the Roads Untaken,” was presented by Dr. 511 more words

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October 27, 1916

Rumanian success in Uzal Valley; 900 prisoners; Rumanian counter-attack at Dragoslavele; 300 prisoners; and in the Jiul Valley (Vulcan Pass); 450 prisoners. Russian reverse in Dorna Watra region.

European Theatre