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The idea of this post comes from a discussion I had these last days on Facebook about the kind of wood used for the construction of wattle-fences in trenches (“ 32 more words


History in Colors

When we think about the past, we imagine it as dusty or blurred, like far away memories that are out of our reach. We usually don’t give much thought to black and white photos since they are from a distant time and place. 179 more words

s**t happens

I think this is the thought of the British seaplane pilot who ended against this semaphore.

According to the caption of these two pucture pusblished in… 41 more words


British Gun Carrier Mark I, a.k.a. supply tank

I was searching some nice material for today’s post in Le Pays de France 1918-1919 edition and I stumbled upon these two pictures of a British tank I didn’t know. 65 more words


March 27th in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1917, the Santa Ana Register took some swimwear instruction from Luella Rogers from Seal Beach. The article focused on women who put on brightly hued bath suits for a beach visit, but never actually went swimming. 178 more words

Seal Beach

The new "La Grande Guerra" issue

Sorry for being so late today, but I had a dinner with my friends of La Grande Guerra magazine, as we have published its 17th issue! 49 more words


POWs in Contalmaison

I’ve found this picture in the sixth volume of the 1926 edition of the La Guerra delle Nazioni; according to its legend (which sounds reasonably right), it shows German prisoners of war after British victory in Contalmaison (Somme). 49 more words