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20 March 1917 - "Put wind up Rutherford"

20 March Rutherford and McNamara

Out in Palestine, further preparations are proceeding for an attack on the new enemy positions. The Royal Flying Corps is making daily tactical reconnaissances of the defences at Gaza, Abu Hureira, and Beersheba. 448 more words


20 March 1917 – “A dangerously low point”

Lord John French, Commander-in-Chief, Home Forces, wrote to Army Council today, putting the blame for the failure to intercept any of the Zeppelin raidera on the night of… 257 more words


March 28, 1917

British advance on the Bapaume-Cambrai road beyond Beaumetz; they gain positions near Croisilles. Germans gain some ground west of Maisons de Champagne. French recover trenches lost at Avocourt Wood and Hill 301, Verdun.

European Theatre

1917-2017 : AMERICANOS PUERTORRIQUEÑOS, 100 años después de la Ley Jones de 1917

Seamos, pues americanos, ya que así lo decretan las autoridades del Norte: pero seamos americanos portorriqueños, como son los de Kentucky americanos kentuckienses; como son los de California y Hawaii, americanos californianos y hawaianos, respectivamente.

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March 28 in San Antonio history...

“The police look well their new uniforms – much more respectable in appearance than formerly – but the wearing of a rough pistol outside the neat blue suit is in very bad taste.” – San Antonio Daily Express newspaper. 68 more words


27/3/1917 The Petrograd Soviet's peace offensive

War weariness led to the recent revolution in Russia. However the country remains at war. The Provisional Government has promised to stick by Russia’s allies and to refrain from seeking a separate peace with the Central Powers. 101 more words

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