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Rising - 1917

Watchman 1st November, 1917 p.7

A cable from New York, dated Sunday last, states that the Secret Service has frustrated a second Sinn Fein rebellion which was planned to occur next Easter, on the anniversary of last year’s bloody Dublin riots. 228 more words

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How my Bullet Journal has changed my life

For a few months everywhere I looked I saw bullet journals and I dismissed them as some kind of fad. Surely it wouldn’t be long before a new bandwagon would roll along for us to jump on. 207 more words


Image from page 90 of "Canadian foundryman (1917)" (1917) - Dos and Donts of wearing leggings Shopping Guide

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Historypin - Tulsa Central High School

When looking through Historypin, I got the vibe of a site that wants to do it all but is formatted in a rather disjointed way that doesn’t necessarily always help the user. 112 more words


Lost Cambrai tank reveals its secrets

In 20 November 1917, during the Battle of Cambrai, a British tank nicknamed ‘Deborah’ was hit by a shell from a German field gun and came to a grinding halt. 325 more words


September 12, 1917: Ferdinand Marcos visited by Three Wise Men

On September 12, 1917, exactly 99 years ago, longest-serving President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Sr. was visited by the Three Wise Men a day after his birth. 37 more words