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26/5/1917 Once again, Italy runs out of steam on the Isonzo

Italian troops are attacking the Austro-Hungarians again on the Isonzo. In this tenth battle, Cadorna has alternated between attacking the Carso Plateau and mountainous positions further north around Gorizia. 255 more words

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23/5/1917 Tisza steps down as Hungarian Prime Minister

Back in 1914, it was only after winning over Prime Minister Tisza of Hungary that the pro-war faction in Vienna was able to issue an… 202 more words

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23/5/1917 Unrest in Italy as attacks continue on the Isonzo

The Tenth Battle of the Isonzo continues. Cadorna had lowered the tempo of his men’s attacks on the Carso Plateau to focus on attacks on the more mountainous terrain around Gorizia to the north. 141 more words

First World War

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Warfare 1917 – Fight a bloody battle in the trenches of World War I Warfare 1917 Game: Lead the British or German army through the trenches of Europe in this First World War strategy game. 445 more words

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Warfare 1917, Free Online Strategy Games from Awesome Game, Better Than Warfare 1944 Because I Like How You Don’t Have To Free Online Games Download Warfare 1917 is a Strategy game, developed by Con Artist Games and published by Armor Games, which was released in 2008. 479 more words

May 29 in San Antonio history...

The Rough Riders are going.  The entire regiment is expected to be out of camp and on the way to Cuba before nightfall.  They will leave even though they have not received all their equipment. 149 more words


21/5/1917 A minor success for the Allies in East Africa

The war in East Africa continues. The Germans here are cut off from their homeland but they continue to resist the Allied invasion of German East Africa. 285 more words

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