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Shrapnel shells

For this evening, I wanted to share with these view of shrapnel shells, which were cut in order to show their internal structure. The first one is an Italian 75 mm shell, with spheric shrapnels. 22 more words


A poster about barbed wire

You know my passion for barbed wire; this is the kind of poster I’d really like to own! This poster, displayed in a exhibition held in Andalo (see my post published… 65 more words


Different kinds of barbed wire

As promised, here’s a second post about barbed wire. These items were collected on the Italian front and were displayed in an exhibition held in Andolo (Trentino). 7 more words


A roll of barbed wire

You know I cannot resist when I see some barbed wire; here’s a very nice (almost artistic) view of a roll of barbed wire. Unfortunately, I don’t know if such a system based on a wooden structure was used by Italian Army or K.u.K one (or both). 18 more words


Straw Overboots

You’ve probably seen such overboots worn by German and Russian soldiers on the Eastern front during the Second World War, but the very same straw overboots were already in use during the First World War on the Alpine front. 82 more words


The real-life Indiana Jones, the First World War, and the Natural History Museum

If you have ever visited the Natural History Museum in London you will no doubt have seen the statue of Charles Darwin on the main staircase in the Central Hall. 707 more words


Naval Gun Shells

Another item exhibited in MART Museum (Rovereto): without any indication of the scale, these gun shells seem to be normal ones. The point is that these are naval gun shells. 31 more words