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23/2/1917 Mesopotamia: the Second Battle of Kut

Last year Britain suffered a humiliating defeat at Kut-al-Amara, where the Turks trapped a British army there and forced it to surrender. But now in Mesopotamia the fortunes of war appear to be once more favouring the British. 141 more words

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March is a busy month.

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I get to chat with my old mate Kate Mildenhall about writing 1917, and especially about the research and writing about war and politics for young readers. 275 more words

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22/2/1917 The continuing food crisis in Germany and Austria-Hungary

Germany and Austria-Hungary are having problems feeding their people. Before the war Germany was able to import food from overseas to feed its industrial workforce. Now the British navy cuts off the granaries of the world. 377 more words

First World War

February 22 in San Antonio history...

A proclamation signed by Mayor Brown, County Judge Davis and President Franz C. Groos, of the Chamber of Commerce, is as follows: “In appreciation of the distinguished services rendered this republic by that great soldier and patriot, Major General Frederick Funston, and as an expression of the high esteem and love felt for him by citizens of every rankĀ in San Antonio, we, the undersigned, call a memorial meeting in his honor, to be held at Beethoven Hall on Saturday. 69 more words


21/2/1917 The loss of the SS Mendi

Allied shipping is under continuous danger of attack by German U-boats. However ships also face another danger: each other. In the early hours of the morning the Mendi, a British steamer carrying men from the South African Native Labour Corps is sailing through thick fog in the Channel when it is accidentally rammed by the much larger Darro, a British cargo ship. 78 more words

First World War

Image from the archives

As winter continues we take a break from war images to remember that life at home did continue.

Walter Clutterbuck (1853-1937) came from a wealthy Surrey family but spent much of his life (when not travelling) in Norfolk, first at Northrepps Cottage then at Marsham Hall. 177 more words

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Phillips, Eric Sutherland. Died 21st Feb 1917

Eric Sutherland Phillips was born in Stamford Hill, London in 1894. His father was James Alexander Phillips from Glasgow and Elizabeth Sutherland, born in Edinburgh. They married in Greenwich RD, 1892. 296 more words