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'Just pure murder' - Passchendaele 1917

31 July is the anniversary of the start of one of the bloodiest and muddiest battles of the First World War: Passchendaele.

What we now call the battle of Passchendaele (or Third Battle of Ypres) stretched from late July into December, all through one of the soggiest seasons the troops could remember. 420 more words


July 23 in San Antonio history...

1917 – World War I
By executive order issued today President Wilson prohibited the existence of disorderly resorts or saloons within five miles of any military camp. 84 more words


1 July 1917 - Training in Canada

Basic Military and generic flying instruction has been going on in Canada since 28 February 1917 with the opening of a cadet school at Long Branch airfield. 120 more words


22/7/1917 Alexander Kerensky, Russia's new Prime Minister #1917Live

The crackdown following the recent unrest in Petrograd sees the Bolsheviks in some disarray. They have been blamed for all the trouble, their leader Lenin… 202 more words

First World War

Spencer, James Bartlett. Died 22nd Jul 1917

James was born at 80 King William Street, Coventry in 1895 and christened at St Peter Coventry on 1 September. His father John Bartlett Spencer was an iron moulder, and married his mother Mary Elizabeth Green in Coventry in 1894. 377 more words


July 22 in San Antonio history...

The newest thing in the Army is a motorcycle radio section. It consists of the complete equipment of a field wireless carried on three sidecar motorcycles. 75 more words


30 June 1917 - Seaplane defence

The Seaplane Defence Flight was formed at St Pol, near Dunkirk, today. The unit came about as a result of continuous attacks by German fighters on the seaplanes at Dunkirk. 106 more words

Western Front