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UPDATED (with Part 10): There was no 1918 Spanish flu - 50-100 million people were exterminated by vaccines and aspirin

Take your time with this information, because it is tough going. . . but please don’t back off from reading it! For her entire life, my mother, born in 1910, told stories of the flue of 1918, about the body bags that were piled up in the streets of the city where I grew up, about how she was the only one in her family who did not get sick, and she attributed this to eating an apple a day, as she nursed everyone in her family through it. 28,394 more words


UPDATED: Paradigm Shift and Alfred Webre, Connecting the 911 dots! September 29, 2014

UPDATED: At about minute 16-17+ Alfred offers his opinion as to why the United States military hasn’t stepped in and stopped this insanity. . . ~J… 211 more words


The Spanish Flu - 1918

The First Wave

In January of 1918, Dr. Loring Miner began to see more patients than usual in his Kaskell County, Kansas office. The reason for this was due to a particularly nasty flu bug running around town and the outlying farmsteads. 2,229 more words

Sierra Leone

Kill the fear the cabal is ramping up around disease: It's a direct chute inot martial law . . . my deep thanks to a reader, E.

Everywhere I’m reading about disease/s! I’ve not been picking up the headlines, because until just yesterday, I didn’t get the very likely false flag aspect of this ‘story’ we’re being fed: 2,069 more words


Sympathy Saturday - At the Heart of the Flu Epidemic

The subject of today’s post is not a blood relation, but her loss must surely have been a great tragedy for her husband and son, my first cousin three times removed and second cousin twice removed. 297 more words

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