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It's beer o'clock! (again)

What a wonderful place to enjoy a beer with a mate, don’t you think?


Juste à côté de la Paix du 11 Novembre 1918

Commentaire sur Le Livre des Pogroms, antichambre d’un génocide, Ukraine, Russie, Biélorussie, 1917-22
Calman Lévy, 2010

L’expression « à l’occasion de l’ouverture des archives soviétiques en 1991 » a acquis, après 25 ans d’usage, le statut de formule emblématique, dans le milieu des historiens universitaires, pour introduire une discussion sur cette nouvelle ère au cours de laquelle il devint possible, pour les chercheurs professionnels accrédités, de consulter et de publier les documents de sécurité et autres lettres, rapports, notes… produits par les autorités de l’Union Soviétique. 1,518 more words

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25 bad guys and a kitten

I love the contrast between the martial faces of these soldiers of the Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 377 (10. Landwehr Division) in Harville, near Verdun, in April 1918, and the lovely kitten on the left. 14 more words


1723 - Ascension day

In the Eastern Church this feast is known in Greek as Analepsis, the “taking up”, and also as the Episozomene, the “salvation from on high”, denoting that by ascending into his glory Christ completed the work of our redemption. 117 more words


Pavesi P4 Artillery Tractor

I am perfectly aware I am rather off-topic with this picture, as the Italian artillery tractor Pavesi P4 was used by the Italian Regio Esercito between 1927 and 1942, but this incredible vehicle is based on a civilian version (built for farmers) developed in 1918. 42 more words


Poor goat

(at least, it seems this animal is a goat). The smile of these soldiers and the knives held by two of them are clear: this animal is about to be slaughtered and to be eaten soon (if you’re interested in such pictures, see… 7 more words


The backdrop

This post is following in some way yesterday’s one, as it shows another example of backdrop used by photographers in their studio. I don’t have any indication about a potential date for this picture, but I presume it was taken during the war. 30 more words