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In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters

3.75/5 stars

I am partial to ghost stories and historical fiction so I was all about In the Shadow of Blackbirds. 

Mary Shelley Black, is a 16 year old in 1918. 163 more words


GULF 1918 Ford Runabout with Tanker Trailer by

The futue of ford Motor Company as a seeparate automotive manufacturer is at stake. If the comapny doesn’t begin to be inmnovative and produce brands and products that are appealng to the American public the Coompany will be in serious fniancial straits (Kiley & Welch, 2006). 300 more words

The Colours of the Northamptonshire Regiment

As you may have noticed, the post published during the three previous weeks were written in advance and scheduled, as I was away for a well-deserved break… This break included about two weeks for a… 111 more words


Remembering History: Attempted assassination attempt on Vladimir Lenin

On this date in 1918 Fanny Kaplan attemtped to murder Vladimir Lenin. As he was leaving the Hammer and Sickle factory in Moscow, Kaplan open fire, hitting in the neck and the lung. 13 more words


A plaque for a POW

Emilio Zadra died in Samorja, today’s Šamorín in Slovakia, on March 23, 1918. He was indeed a prisoner of war. The plaque stated he was a “ 11 more words


Historical Fiction Story

As I walk through the fields, Gun shots again ring through my head and send shivers down my spine. Poised like a snake in the mountains, waiting to attack. 843 more words