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Assault in Loos

I’ve found this picture by chance, it’s supposed to represent a British assault with gas masks in Loos. To be honest, I find such a scene quite terrifying…


Business as usual

This picture, taken in 1918 in Château-Thierry (probably after the German offensive was stopped by US troops) reminds me similar pictures taken in London during WW2. 7 more words


Indian soldiers in Marseille

As my posts about Indian soldiers are very popular amongst my readers, here’s a nice pic of two Indian soldiers with a crowd of fascinated children in Marseille!


Ready to take off

For this saturday, a nice picture of a scouting Squadron of eighteen British machines ready to take off…


Wearpledge Insured Clothes for Boys

They don’t make’em like they used to rings very true for this boys’ clothing manufacturer based in New York. The clothes were ‘insured’ and would be replaced if they did not withstand the active lifestyle of their young wearers within ‘reasonable wear’. 411 more words


After the battle

Another picture of British tank for today, but this one hasn’t been reused by German troops. Indeed it seems heavily destroyed. I was interested in this image because it seems to have a very marked camouflage I haven’t seen on other models.


A German workshop for British tanks

Another picture dedicated to the topic of British tanks reused by German Army during the Great War (see yesterday’s post). I’ve found this other picture, which shows a huge worskshop where such tanks were repaired. 39 more words