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The backdrop

This post is following in some way yesterday’s one, as it shows another example of backdrop used by photographers in their studio. I don’t have any indication about a potential date for this picture, but I presume it was taken during the war. 30 more words


Peeling potatoes

I don’t know if it happens in other countries, but in France, military service is often seen as soldiers peeling potatoes for a long time. Such as these soldiers, near the front line. 31 more words


Peau de grenouille

(“frogskin” for those who don’t know French). I’ve found this picture by chance in the second volume of La Guerre documentée and I must confess I don’t know anything about it. 43 more words


13 albums of images and grabs relating to the First World War

‘Grabbed’ and curated for a multitude of reasons I compile these albums while researching a topic, to put family photographs in one place, to pull together a theme that interests me and often to remind me of great TV and films on the First World War. 529 more words

First World War

Bringing the soup

As usual, as it’s almost dinner time, another post dedicated to the “food in trenches” topic, with these two tommies bringing soup to their comrades on the front line!


The Mystery of the German POW of WWI: A Photographic Study

It’s been a long month for us here at PortraitsofWar, and we apologize for a lack of posting since the last photo on April 3rd.  In today’s post we will be looking at a different side of the war than normally highlighted on this blog.  1,000 more words

Wwi Photo

Fishing on the French side

I had shown you about one year ago some German soldiers portrayed while they were fishing, it’s time to show you the same scene on the French side! 17 more words