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Le boyau

Boyaux (litterally “guts”) were communication trenches, used by soldiers to go from the rear lines to the front. This picture shows Italian soldiers going to the front line somewhere in France. 15 more words


US Artillery Observers in Montsec

This photograph is dated September 12, 1918 and show to US artillerymen in action near Montsec, the very same location where you can find a US monument now.


Historians rediscover missing British soldier

The grave of a missing First World War soldier has been discovered by historians in the north of England.

Private Edward Pratt, of the Durham Light Infantry, was a former quarryman who fought at the battles of the Somme and Passchendaele and was wounded in action on two separate occasions in 1916. 169 more words


The Zeebrugge Raid

I’ve found today by chance a book published in 1925, L’embouteillage de Zeebrugge, written by VC Capt. A.F.B. Carpenter. This is obviously a French translation of… 193 more words


The Médaille Militaire

Disclaimer: even if I own several examples of this medal, I wasn’t able to take good shots of them, it was much more simple to take pictures from Wikipedia. 101 more words


Villar Perosa submachine gun

I am very proud of my today’s discovery (in a new book market in Milan): a small but almost unique photo of two Italian soldiers. The one of the right wears a balaclava, but it’s not the main interesting element. 154 more words


I'm not lost...

This morning, after long weeks of summer, is the first cool hint of what’s to come. Even so, I watch several  hummingbirds on the nasturtium, fattening up for an impossible migration. 245 more words

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