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An international artistic movement in art, architecture, literature, and performance that flourished between 1905 and 1920, especially in Germany and Austria, that favored the expression of subjective emotions and experience over depictions of objective reality. 70 more words



An artistic movement begun in 1907, when artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque together developed a visual language whose geometric planes and compressed space challenged the conventions of representation in painting. 190 more words


31. Faust

October 14, 1926
Directed by F.W. Murnau

Dr. Faustus was a real person who lived in the early 16th century, and he really did study the occult. 548 more words


And one thing led to another

Since my last post on Hemingway a month and a half ago, I have found myself increasingly drawn to writing on and by the literary set in Paris of the 1920s. 960 more words


May 2

May 2, 1927 – The Alice Comedy Alice’s Knaughty Knight is Released to Theaters

On May 2, 1927, the Alice Comedy Alice’s Knaughty Knight premiered in theaters. 54 more words

1920’s Era Period Make up

The 1920s was the era of the Flapper, evenings full of jazz and nice girls playing bad. Makeup played a huge part in women’s life to recover from the horrors of the recent war and to assert their new sense of feminine power. 573 more words


Pola Negri.

Yes, I was correctly quoted in saying I introduced sex into films in the 20’s, but it was sex in good taste and left a great deal to one’s imagination.
Pola Negri.