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Hi… it’s me again, but in another format of blog.

Introducing a TCK – Indonesian woman that has all these things in her head but sometimes there is no point in pointing it out on to anyone so why should I even discuss it out loud. 833 more words


All Dolled Up

Have you ever walked around, seen someone’s outfit, and wondered why they decided that looked good?

That’s me with guys sagging their pants. Can someone explain to me why so many guys do that? 303 more words


Full Moon Mani In Action

As much as I hate the Full Moon Manicure, I wanted to show some period references to it.

There is no way those nails are not painted given how much effort is put in the rest of this artwork to show how hip and modern this young woman is. 253 more words

Historical Nails

Roaring 20s 

​1910 was when a lot of the products we use today were invented such as lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner. They weren’t really used however until 1920s, and this was due to the marketing and movies of the era. 794 more words


I'm On Youtube!!

Yes, you heard me! I created a Youtube channel! I have to admit it’s something I am still unsure if I truly want to do. Putting myself out there 100% really freaks me out, but I really think it will be good for me. 128 more words

Three Things Serial Goes to Mars?

In my novella, The Three Things Serial – a Little 1920s Story, Pip dubs one of her friends “the astronaut man.”  That character is Andy Avis and he writes science fiction stories (hence Pip’s nickname for him).   418 more words

Teagan's Books

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Thanks for the great Friday afternoon entertainment. I was/am an Edgar Rice Burroughs fan in my younger day eons ago I used to consider hiding from my chores and reading one of his books the highlight of my day.