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Picture: What's your money worth?

The hyperinflation in the Weimarer Republik lasted for three years. This 1923-picture shows the weighing of money bills which were worth barely the paper they were printed on. 44 more words


3 | 3 6 5 (part II)

madame sherri’s castle | chesterfield, n.h.


Travelling with Belhampton

Classic Travel Posters reimagined with typography Employing the Belhampton family.


From DOWNTOWN ABBY to MONTE CARLO we got it covered tonight!

Tonight we have a double booking night that will take us from DOWNTOWN ABBEY to MONTE CARLO from butlers to showgirls, dancers to candy girls & strolling champagne skirts -it’s just another day in the life of… 15 more words

Mrs Bellas Dolls

Kiakoa & Alberta 1923 Summer Cruise

Alberta & Kiakoa – Haurura Falls, Waitangi

Kiakoa – Haurura Falls, Waitangi

Bland Bay 1923

Whangamumu Whaleing Station 1923

KIAKOA & ALBERTA 1923 SUMMER CRUISE… 2,164 more words


A Merritt float

Here we have another new image given to the museum this month and this is one we particularly like. It shows a carnival float, no doubt in a trade class, entered by Merritt Brothers. 179 more words


How to write 5,000 words

Tea. And bribery. These are the two secrets to successful novelists, as proven by a study of one writer.

After plying myself with tea and biscuits, I rewarded myself with 20 minutes of BBC’s Poirot and Marple episodes for each 500 words. 11 more words