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Podcast: Theda Bara and Silent Film

Theda Bara might be the most significant celebrity pioneer whose movies you’ve never seen. She was the movie industry’s first sex symbol; the first femme fatale; the first silent film actress to have a fictional identity invented for her by publicists and sold through a receptive media to a public who was happy to be conned; and she might have been America’s first homegrown goth. 

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Rio - 1922 vs 1928

From Revista da Semana, December 1928. Click to enlarge

The Transformation of Rio’s Birthplace

The pictures on this page show two panoramic aspects of a part of Rio, taken from the same viewpoint, with a long interval, one in 1922 and another in 1928. 279 more words


Podcast: Charlie Chaplin and The Great Dictator

The most successful film of Charlie Chaplin’s career was also the most controversial: in The Great Dictator, Chaplin viciously satirised Hitler before the US entered World War II, and the comedy helped rally a previously war-shy American public.

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Prohibition in America

Further reading on the topic of American prohibition. Click here for the link.


Alice Grundy feeding Topsy the horse: Picturing Canterbury

Alice Grundy feeding Topsy the horse in the paddock next to 48 Milton Street.

Date: 1920.

Kete Christchurch is a collection of photographs and stories about Christchurch and Canterbury, past and present. 53 more words


Cristal Cerveza Cuban Beer, Early 1920s Calendar Advertising Cuba

Cristal Cerveza Cuban Beer, Early 1920s Calendar Advertising Cuba
Remarkable Recent Find In A Shop In Havana. Unbelievable That Something Like This Cardboard Survived The Tropical Heat And Humidity So Long. 64 more words